Sunday, November 18, 2007

So sorry

I've been meaning to add pictures of my kiosk, but I haven't had one second (literally) since the opening of my kiosk. Since November 10, I have been at home to sleep, and that's it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Melanie decided on Tuesday (her second day) not to come to work, and On Monday (her first day) she was an hour late.

The shift is 3-6 Monday - Friday and then some closing shifts on Fridays and Saturdays. So...we had to scramble to cover her shifts. Lacey and Laura were a HUGE help and covered what they could. Aaron actually took a day off of work to cover a shift, and someone from downtown also came up to help me. WOW!

This was not a good week for this to happen. It was dress/tech week for HONK! So Piper had rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-10 plus on Wednesday she does "Act Up" (her theatre class) from 4-5. Trust my mom to come to the rescue. Thursday, Friday and Saturday she had matinees, this is a time that Melanie was suppose to be working. And one more show on Friday night. Plus 2 hours of Nutcracker rehearsal on Saturday. Teague had Hockey practice on Wednesday night.

So, Aaron worked the Thursday morning shift (while I ran Piper to and from Kingsbury, Teague to and from school and got lunch for the 3 of us), he actually ended up staying until 6 (so the kids and I could audition for Charlotte's Web an entirely different post). Lacey covered Friday morning until 2 (again, I ran the kids around), then Teague and I worked until 6, while my mom ran Piper around. Then Aaron, Teague and I went to Piper's show Friday night. (again, an entirely different post!) Saturday, someone from downtown came up and covered until Lacey got there at 1. Then Laura (I owe this girl a ton) closed all three nights. Phew, I think I got it covered.

Just a little side note here: I was not scheduled any of these three days so I could run the kids around. When Melanie was hired, she volunteered to cover these shifts.

Anyway, I am suppose to have a lady named Barbara start on Monday, and she is suppose to be really great. I will keep my fingers crossed, because this would not be a good week to be scrambling. We have Thanksgiving at our house every year. And I don't even have my tree up yet. And we haven't done one of our Salazar Family Christmas traditions, getting our individual ornaments for the tree. Hopefully it will all be done before Thursday.

Hopefully pictures will be up soon. Oh, and by the way, my phone lines are finally up and running.


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Hey! I just got your Christmas card and thought that I would check out your blogspot. It's great! I have always wanted to make one. Maybe some day I will. Loved your card! Hope you have a great Christmas!