Thursday, November 8, 2007

How many times can a 4 year old vomit in 1 hour?

According to my calculations.....8!

So, poor little Teague had a field trip at school today, it is all he talked about yesterday. I had him all dressed in his "semi-dress" uniform and I had both of them loaded in the car. Teague seemed to be having some problems with his buckle, so I was helping him. Suddenly he put his hand up to his mouth (with his fingers spread - of course) and projectile vomited in the car! Um....I am one of those people that if I see or smell vomit, I vomit. Luckily being a mom I have learned to control it a little. I nearly died! Literally, I nearly died. Since his hand was placed over his mouth with his fingers spread and it was a projectile vomit, it went EVERYWHERE in my car. When I say EVERYWHERE, I truly mean EVERYWHERE.
I called the school to tell them that Teague would not be there and that Piper was going to be late since I had to clean up the vomit that was EVERYWHERE in my car. But before I could clean the vomit from the car, I had to get Teague undressed and cleaned up. Teague stood in the middle of the kitchen while I peeled layer after layer of clothing off! Why couldn't it be "Blue and white" uniform day at school? While I was undressing Teague, I had Piper call Aaron to let him know the situation. I got Teague undressed and rinsed off and told him to go lay down while I cleaned out the car, and started the washing machine.
Suddenly, I hear, "MOM, I JUST BARFED AGAIN!"
Oh no! "Where?" I asked.
So, I stopped cleaning the car, go upstairs and strip the bed, unfortunately it was too late to throw those sheets in with Teagues clothes, booster covers and the towels I had used to wipe him off with. So I rolled them up and put them in front of the washer to load as soon as possible.
Teague then decided to lay on the kitchen floor with his Jack blanket, I was a little nervous. I told him that if he felt like he was going to throw up, to run upstairs to the bathroom and do it in the toilet. Then I went back out to the car. Low and behold.....
Seriously? I cannot believe it, I didn't know it was possible for someone that little to have that much vomit in his tummy. "Where?" I asked.
"On the kitchen floor and all over my Jack Blanket!"
Again, I stopped cleaning the car, rolled up the Jack blanket and put it down stairs with the sheets from my bed, and sent Teague upstairs to lay/sit by the toilet while I cleaned the kitchen floor and while I finished cleaning the car. (did I say finished? yeah, right!)
You have GOT to be kidding! "Where?"
"On the bathroom floor and a little in the toilet!"
At least there was a little in the toilet this time, I did have have to change his underwear this time around and add it to my soon to be loaded pile on the laundry room floor. I quickly cleaned up the bathroom floor and made him stay put in the bathroom and told him to really aim for the toilet next time. He is four, he does know how to vomit in the toilet. Again, I went out to the garage to the car and cleaned away for another few minutes.
Shut up!!! "Where?"
"In the toilet!"
Halle-frickin-lujah! "Good job, just stay there for mom!"
I finally finish cleaning the car, but unfortunately you can't get the smell of vomit out very easily. I layed a towel down where Teague was originally sitting and had Piper sit there (without a booster - she is at that size, where it is probably okay to not have one) and I told Teague to choose a new blanket and to grab a big bath towel. I put him in Piper's booster and covered him with the blanket and the towel. I told him that if he felt like he was going to vomit to do it in the towel. And...finally we are off. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get to school. We were about five minutes in when.....
"Mom, I just barfed again." (he didn't holler this time)
You have seriously got to be kidding, I don't think I have ever seen this much vomit. "Where?"
"In the towel."
"Good boy! Now fold it so it doesn't get everywhere!"
A little side note: I am still nearly dieing! The smell is slowly killing me.
We are about a block away from school....
"Mom, I just barfed again."
"In the towel right?"
"Good boy, fold it again, so it doesn't get everywhere."
Still the smell is slowly killing me.
We get Piper dropped off and we are heading home and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE....
"Mom, I just barfed again in the towel, do I fold it so it doesn't get everywhere?"
"Yes, please do."
That was the last vomit of the day, Luckily. We went home and put fresh jammies on Teague, I switched the laundry over and I finished getting ready. I had some stuff to do and I just held Teague the whole time, so it did take a little longer than it should have, but that is okay, how often do you just get to sit and hold your four year old? He told me that he wanted to take a warm shower, so he did. Then we took my car to the car wash and had the nice guys clean it! They shampooed the seats and carpets for me and now instead of a vomit smell, it smells like strawberry starburst. The best part about this was that Teague fell asleep in the car on the way over, and as most of you know, my little Teague is a SLEEPER! So I just sat and held him in my arms while my car was being cleaned.
As for the field trip, good news! He is in the a.m. class. The p.m. class is doing the same field trip next week, so he will still be able to go with them.


Valerie said...

Holy barfola... I feel your pain. I am not the nurse type and taught my kids very early to vomit in the toilet. It is truly amazing how as Mom's we "get used to stuff we never thought would/could". Good job Karlyn handling the situation!

Corinne said...

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I had to tell Clint. DUDE. I'm not sure I have words. You are an angel mommy, to take good care. Nice job friend! Oh, and I like the family pic on your blog, you look lovely :)

sara said...

Oh my gosh, this is my nightmare! I too HATE the smell and sight of vomit. I was almost gagging reading your story...hopefully by the time my little one is old enough to barf (spitup, somehow, doesn't bother me as much) my mommy instincts will have taken over.