Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Grimm Reaper?

You would think that a little girl that loves dancing and theatre and princesses and cute things so much would choose something "pretty," or "cute" to be for Halloween, but no, she has decided to be "The Grimm Reaper!" Why, you ask? Well, I really don't know. But I did start thinking about it. Her first Halloween she was an Elephant, one that Aaron and I chose.Her second Halloween she was a Persian Cat, one that my mom found on sale somewhere. And I must be the worst mom ever, because I cannot find a picture!

Her third Halloween she was a Lion, not a Lioness, a Lion. She chose it. Teague was the elephant the Piper was.Her fourth Halloween she was a witch, a costume that I made. If I remember right, I talked her into that one. Teague was her cat.Her fifth Halloween....a Quarter....yes, a quarter. How strange. Another costume that I made. Teague was Mike Wasowski.Last year she was a mermaid. My mom made this costume, I am definitely not that talented of a seamstress. Teague was a skeleton.So, the Lion and the Quarter are a little strange. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised about the Grimm Reaper. Teague is going to be Optimus Prime (still waiting for the costume to arrive).

We took this picture because her friend had a costume party for her birthday on Saturday. I think she looks very freaky.


sara said...

Adorable. Halloween costumes...another thing I can't wait to do with the baby!

Corinne said...

It was fun to see the costumes through the years :)