Friday, October 5, 2007

Mueller Park

One of our favorite family traditions!!
Every fall in September or October we go up to Mueller Park and roast hot dogs and have smores for dessert! We go with Aaron's family. This year the following were there: Aaron, Karlyn, Piper, Teague, Grammie Annie, Grandpa John, Gina, Morgan, Josh, Zac, Angela, Seth Randy and Danny (Angela's friend and his son), Grandma Wilma, Grandpa Paul, Aunt Val and Uncle Doyle, Jared and Jen.
This year, our little family got up there at about 2:30 to get a site. Unfortunately the one we usually get was already taken(the one in the picture on the link), but fortunately we found a better one! Angela, Seth and Grammie Annie got up there at about 3:00 and everybody else got up there at about 4:00 (the planned time) with the exception of Grandpa John, Randy and Danny. Randy and Danny got there at about 5:00 and Grandpa John at about 5:20.
This year has definitely been the best year so far, I think this is our fourth year. Last year it was way too cold, the coldest, and the other years were also cold, and too dark. This year we went before daylight savings and before it got too cold. We had so much fun. When we weren't eating we were looking at all the pretty leaves and trees and the creek. And the kids had fun playing four square and frisbee. When I say kids, I also mean, Aaron, Angela,Doyle and Grandpa John....and myself.
The hot dogs were great, the smores were to die for! (If anyone knows me, they know how much I love the messy goodness!) And the drinks were very fun. Val and Doyle brought some Jones Soda Halloween flavors. And the smell of the canyon..........AAHH, I love the smell of a campfire and the smell of autumn.


Corinne said...

That looks so fun!! We're going camping tonight and it's going to be so flaming hot. I am DYING to wear a sweatshirt and be outside like that! We used to have picnics in Mueller park every summer. We'd bring our water shoes and walk up the creek and play at that playground with the big log stepping stones. I loved that.

Karlyn said...

Unfortunately the playground isn't there anymore!!! But it is a really great place for family fun

sara said...

I'm jealous...I miss camping so much, especially in the Fall. Ghost stories, s'mores, crisp air, it's the best!