Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So, Easter came WAY too early this year. We had such a busy month with Charlotte's Web and Piper's birthday, I was completely unprepared! Every year, my dad's secretary does an egg hunt, but this year she didn't, so my kids didn't even do a hunt. But, I did talk to them about it, so they understood.
So, on Saturday we died eggs. We had one egg left at the end, so we poured all of our dye into a huge bowl and put the last egg in it and let it sit for about an hour.(the one on the top right.)

The Easter Bunny came on Saturday Night. Every year he brings an outfit and candy for each kidlet.

Then we went to church at 9:00 a.m., needless to say we were late, but only about 15 minutes. And of course the kidlets got new Easter outfits.

We got Piper's dress and Teague's shirt and tie at The Secret Garden. Piper's shoes at Famous Footwear, Teague's shoes at Smith's Market Place and Teague's pants at ShopKo. When we got home from Church, Aaron's sister called and ask us to come search for eggs that they had hidden at Grammies house, so we went there.

Grandma Wilma made Easter dinner, so we ate there, it was very yummy. All in all, it was a very good Easter.


LL said...

your daughters dress is FABULOUS!
i love it!!