Saturday, March 15, 2008

Homer Zuckerman

My dear sweet husband, Homer Zuckerman aka Ricky gave me one of the worst scares of my entire life on Thursday night. And, I sure hope he doesn't mind me sharing this story......

It was Thursday night, our second performance. We had a matinee for the elementary schools earlier. We were at the end of the show. Mary Beth, Ricky and I "spot" the baby spiders in the final scene, but for some reason, Ricky didn't come on, so I helped both Piper and Robin onto the web. Ricky came on. Right before the narrators started singing the final measures of the song....Ricky started coming toward me, I thought he was going to tell me something, so I stepped toward him.......He didn't tell me anything......he fainted, on his way down, he knocked me a little.

As an actor, we are trained to stay focused on the show, so I did. The narrators continued to sing, "Charlotte, Charlotte's Web." As they were singing, I thought to myself, "he just locked his knees, he is fine, he isn't getting up because he doesn't want to interrupt the show more than he already has!"

The lights go down, I get both Piper and Robin off of the web and tell them to get off stage, I look over at Ricky....HOLY $%&#!! He literally looks dead! I go down to him and try to wake him up, I slap his face, pretty hard. Luckily a fellow cast member came running on that is CPR certified, she feels for breath...none....none! I am yelling at the crew to pull the curtain and I continue to yell at Ricky.I knew that his wife was in the audience and that she is a nurse, I kept telling people to find his wife. A Physician, a nurse and a paramedic come up from the audience and then his wife. Finally, they pull the curtain, and finally he comes to...sort of...I mean he is responsive, but barely.The physician was holding his wrist taking his pulse while his wife and the other nurse stayed near, of course his wife was right next to him. The paramedic stood near and also gave Ricky his coat to use as a pillow. Sethrina (castmember) was right next to him making sure he kept his eyes open and kept asking him questions that he would answer, very slowly, but surely. It took the paramedics FOREVER to get there. Probably about a half hour from the initial fall the ambulance drove off. Ricky was still barely responsive.

I called the hospital at about 11:00 and was able to talk to his wife. She told me that they were still waiting on some tests, but the doctors thought is was exhaustion. I went to bed, however I didn't sleep well that night. When I did fall asleep, I would have some crazy dream about Ricky.

I knew that somebody was going to have to do the Friday Matinee, but I didn't know who. Luckily it was Eb, an absolutely incredible actor. So on Friday morning we ran all the scenes with him in about 20 minutes (as compared to the 6 weeks Ricky and I worked together). The show went very well. We were all under the impression that Ricky would be back for the Friday night performance. NOPE. Ricky had spent the day at the hospital getting tests done and he was still very tired and couldn't do the show.

Call was at 5:30, the show started at 7:00. At about 6:00 I had a strange little breakdown. I started crying, my crying turned into sobbing. For some reason this really effected me. When you work with someone nearly everyday for six weeks, you get a strange connection. I was spending more time with that cast than I was with my husband, we all got very close. I felt bad that Ricky had worked so hard, but then didn't get to do the show. I felt a chemistry with Ricky on stage that I didn't quite feel with Eb - only because I didn't have time to - it was hard for me. I called my sweet husband (Aaron) and he really helped me, he just understands me and my crazy emotions.

Friday nights show was incredible.

I was so hoping that Ricky would be back for our two Saturday shows, no such luck. I rehearsed with Ricky for six weeks and did two shows with him. I rehearsed with Eb for 20 minutes and did four shows with him. Luckily Eb (and the entire cast) is so freakin' talented nobody knew that he had just stepped in last minute to play Homer Zuckerman.

Ricky is doing fine. Apparently he is back to normal. I just hope that that doesn't happen again, and if it does, I don't want to be standing right next to him, that was a little too weird for me. I think I am going to get CPR certified.

I just want to say that I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity that my kidlets and I had to perform in this wonderful show. I have never been in a more talented and professional cast. I hope that we stay in contact with these people forever.

Ricky, thanks for being a great husband and a great friend! I had a great time getting to know you and your musical tastes. You have a beautiful wife and a great little family. Good Luck with everything...and please, please, please.....SLOW DOWN.