Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My sweet SEVEN year old!

As I am sitting here in bed, my little Piper is laying asleep next to me. I look at her, and physically I see the most beautiful mouth, a cute little nose, beautiful long eyelashes, her mom's brow, her dad's chin, gorgeous skin and stunning long golden hair. I look a little closer and I see her sweet, sweet spirit, her love for her family, her innocence, her strong connection to her emotions, her will, her talents, her passion. I see her brain thinking of what is going to happen next...I see my beautiful strong daughter.

I cannot believe it has been seven years since I pushed her out. Seven years since she lay at Primary Children's Medical Center fighting. Seven years since I first breastfed her and sobbed at the beauty of it all. Seven years since our little family began. Seven years since I first realized how much my parents really love me.

Wow! Piper is an amazing child. Here are a few things that I love about her:

That she is so smart.
That she is such a good friend.
That she always puts everybody before herself.
That she is an incredible sister.
That she is such a good singer, actress, dancer and Guitar player.
That she is so obedient.
That she is a good reader.
That she is a good listener.
That she is a good leader.
That she LOVES meat.
That she loves ice.
That she has square feet.
That she has funny thumb nails.
That she has such passion.
That she is a perfectionist.
That right now she looks like a jack-o-lantern.
That she named her moose Jorge (after my friend).
That she wants to be a fashion designer.
That she wants to go to The University of Utah.
That she is so willing to help me in any way.
That she loves to go to the dentist. (she even has a lot of cavities)
That she has a "Tweedlebug voice."
That she still calls us Momma and Daddy.
That she loves her grandparents like crazy.
That she is mine! All mine, that is until she falls in love with some crazy boy and marries him.

Piper knows that she was born at 1:59 a.m. At 2:28, she came into our room and told me that she was 7, then she went back to bed. How cute is that?
On our way to school, she called Aaron and said, "Daddy, since it is my birthday, will you pick me up from school?" So Teague and I made sure that everything was ready for her when she came home. She thought that she was only getting a present from Teague since we had kind of a crazy month, Aaron and I didn't have time to go get her bike, but a miracle happened and we were able to get her bike without having to order it. So when she got home, her new bike was sitting in the living room. Teague picked out two t-shirts for her all by himself, a Hannah Montana one and a High School Musical one.

And he also gave her a big fat hug.

Then we went outside, and Daddy helped Piper on her new bike, it is a little big, but she is doing great.
Since Piper loves steak, she decided that she wanted to go to Ruby River for dinner. My mom came with and it was so yummy. We decided to get a picture of the girls and I am so glad that we did, I love this picture! I love that all three of us have on awesome shoes and I love that my mom is in jeans. I never saw my mom in jeans until this year.....strange. And besides, it's just a good picture. And you may have noticed that I cut my hair, I did that on Monday (I had to wait for the play to be over).

When we got home, Grandpa John and Grammie Annie came over a gave Piper.....drumroll....are you ready?......a Love Sac. On Monday my mom took Piper shopping, just Piper and my mom. Piper said that they had tons of fun. They went to a Puppet store and Piper got a Tiger (her favorite animal) marionette and then they went to the mall and got some clothes.

Piper had a good birthday, we will have a friend party next week.


Corinne said...

Man, I remember hearing about when she was BORN and I met her for the first time when she was like five months old. CRAZY how time flies :)

Valerie said...

What a great tribute to your daughter (and your Mom)! And awesome bike and other gifts. Sorry I was traveling and could not drop off a gift, but will do so later.

sara said...

This is such a sweet post! Makes me realize how fast the time will go. Its funny that you say now you know how much your parents love you, because in those first weepy days after I had Dash I was just looking at him crying, and when my mom asked me what was wrong I said, "I just love him so much," and she said, "now you know how much I love you," which of course made me sob even harder.

Thank you so much for your amazing comment only my labor story. Its funny, even though we've never met it meant so much to hear that you were proud of me!

LL said...

cutest haircut on you!