Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've been tagged!!

I have actually done this one before, but I am going to come up with different random facts (if I can).

1- Unlike Tiffany, I do have a side of the bed. I sleep on the side that is farthest from the door. My reasoning is that if someone breaks in, then Aaron can protect me!

2- I like things to be even, and I will count to make sure. If Aaron tickles my right arm for two minutes, then he has to tickle my left arm for two minutes. When I put deodorant on, I count how many times I go up and down, then I do the same on the other side. When I put Piper's hair in Pigtails, I count how many times the ponytail holder goes around, usually five times...on each side. These are just some examples!

3- My bills in my wallet have to be in order from largest to smallest, and they all have to face the same way. I think this comes from the years of being a teller. If I am in your wallet (I don't know why I would be), and your money is not organized, it will be when you get it back. I don't know if this bugs Aaron when I do it to his or not. This is also true when I manage Western Nut, the bills in the drawer must all face the same way, and be organized....I can always tell who worked last....Aaron!

4- Whenever there is a piece of paper or a napkin laying around with a pen near by, you better believe I will be signing my name in many different ways, and doodling, mostly stars, flowers, hearts, smiley faces and peace signs.

5- I hate taking baths (this may be because growing up, in the 'girls bathroom' all we had was a tub), however, I love hot tubs. Actually I find showers annoying too, but you gotta do it right? I am never in the shower longer than 7-10 minutes.

6- I really like long hair and facial hair on guys. But, it can't be just a mustache. It can be just a beard, but not just a mustache. Aaron use to have long hair, but...well....nevermind....and he does have facial hair and I love it oh so much.

7- I love candy...well, sweets in general, candy, baked goods etc....you may remember this post, my most favorite sweet of all. I also have a weakness for chocolate gas station donuts, Dicks Bakery Eclairs, Parson's Bakery, Gourmandise's sweets, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Twix, Take Five...I could go on and on... Aaron, Piper and Teague do not share this love/weakness, so our home very seldom will have treats. In fact, at Halloween time, the bags of candy go untouched (except by ME!), until I throw them out around Christmas time. Same with Christmas, Valentines and Easter candy. Yes, I think they are very strange.

Tag SEVEN people? Okay...Alison, Amy, Jenny, Marisa, Melanie, Sharra and Tara


The Meier Family said...

You and I are very similar! I count things too! Do you count your steps you take, and the stairs you are climbing? It kind of gets annoying. I count letters in words, and try to make them evenly split in my mind. I am wierd!
I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany said...

It is so fun to read these random things about people. We are all a little wierd/strange in our own ways! (You counting deodrant swipes etc!) :)

Jenny in Utah said...

very funny - and I was actually going to tag you on the one I just did, but thought you would be busy getting ready for your big trip. I'll give it a go, but you are way more interesting than me!

Christa said...

1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 I am right there with you! So funny! I think my even-ness is because of the twins. I am so OCD about that stuff. Food, clothes, but mine goes way beyond just being even. It all has to be EXACTLY the same, I know I'm wierd but that's why people love me!

Steph said...

About the money being in order in your wallet. I remember in high school you also used to starch and iron your money. Don't you still. I always thought that was cool, but a little strange. I think I even ironed mine once or twice, I just couldn't keep up.

Seesalou said...

you are such an interesting person. by the way that is so exciting about teague. (and we share way too many treat loves...it's uncanny!)