Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Husband is THE GREATEST!

So, since my husband is home in the mornings, he has been taking the kidlets to school. When he got home from dropping Teague off, he ask if he could help by packing me a lunch for work! Of course I said yes, anything helps because I am always running late in the morning and if he wouldn't have packed it for me, I wouldn't have eaten lunch!

He told me what he had packed; A peanut butter and jam sandwich, potato chips, a 'couple of treats' and two cokes (in cans). I grabbed his lunch bag that has skulls and flames on it, gave him a kiss (i think...i hope) and ran out the door.

His lunch bag has two sections, the bottom section is where you put drinks because it is insulated. The top section is where you put the food. It was about 10:30, I still hadn't taken my daily pills (i had them in my pocket), that I usually take first thing in the morning and I had a screamin' headache, so I got some Ibuprofen out of my purse and my other pills out of my pocket and got myself a coke out of the bottom section of the lunch bag. I popped my pills and CHUGGED my coke - you all know that I really can down a can of coke quickly. I think it helped wake me up.

I started to get hungry around 12:30, so I pulled out the lunch bag and opened it, I found my sandwich, my chips, some skittles and some whoppers (my treats! Left over from the kidlets trick or treat bags...I don't care, I still ate them, remember? I LOVE candy.) And, I found a note that said the following;

I love you and I hope you have a better day today. Call me later. Not because I have to tell you anything but because I like to hear your voice.

(with the True Love Always sign we all did in elementary school)

Isn't he the greatest?


Tiffany said...

That is SO romantic! I'm jealous!

The Huntley's said...

You got a good one!

sara said...

So sweet! Did you guys know each other in elementary school?!

Christa said...

awww! That made my eyes water.
My dad used to do that for me in elementary school, he would make me little cards, it used to embarass me so badly but I still have all the notes.