Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One good thing about being tagged is that I can do it at work because I don't need to add pictures! And, I will at least have a post. I have a couple of posts waiting to be posted...I need to add pictures, so keep checking! I know I haven't done a post with pictures forever, so for now.......

7 random things - tagged by Candice

...7 things I can do...
Sing - though I don't do it enough.
Act - and I can't wait to do it again, or study it, which ever comes first.
Burp/Belch - I am better than all four of my brothers, and most of my male friends. Piper is better than me.
Customer Service - I believe in it, so I am good at it myself. (when I work)
Eat - As long as I like it, I will eat it, a lot of it.
Drive - I may not be the best driver, but we always seem to be in the car.
Read - I love to read, good books. I only wish I read more.

...7 things I can't do...
Run - I have always had this dream to run a marathon, but whenever I run it kills my knees and I get shin splints, not to mention the exhaustion part.
Sleep - However.....I am getting better at this one thanks to my doctor!
Be Patient - I'm working on it.
Not Gag - when I hear or see anything that has to do with boogers or mucus.
Sit or lay still - There is always some part of my body moving, usually my feet.
Eat Coconut - I hate it, everything about it! The flavor, the texture. YUCK!
Make over easy eggs or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Aaron and Piper can.

...7 things I always say...
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Would you knock it off? You're bugging me!
I'm glad you have the Christmas Spirit, but please, spare the rest of us!

...7 things I always eat...
Seriously? You want me to answer this one? Can't I just put food or candy for all 7?
UhOh Oreos
Chocolate Donuts (from the gas station)
Coke - that's a food, right?
Cold Cereal - the sugar kind - Honey Comb is my fave
Cheese - I like any kind except blue cheese....yuck!
Potato Chips
I ask Piper to help me on this one, I said to her, "What is something that Mom always eats?" She said, "Food." There you have it!

...7 people I tag...



Corinne said...

You're funny, friend. I, also, am always moving and hate coconut.