Sunday, December 7, 2008

Forgot the camera, but.....

try to visualize! Ten little (ages 4-7) Hockey players; a goalie, five on the ice (sorry don't know positions yet) and three sitting out.

The score, Davis County Wind - 16, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Teague is about 4 yards from the goal, the puck is hit right to him, he hits it, and....HE SCORES!!! He looks up at his mom in the stands, holds his stick above his head with both hands, and shouts, 'WoooHooo!'

The score now, Davis County Wind - 17, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Teague then decided, since he scored, that he was done playing, so he started doing 'the fish' - this is when your skates/feet go away from each other and then back together as you skate forward - He was so proud that he was doing it, he wouldn't stop showing his coach! This is when one of his teammates made another goal. Then, he sat out the rest of the game and made 'snow' with his skates. (which was only about 5 minutes.)

The final score, Davis County Wind - 18, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Oh, and, by the way, they don't really keep score, but for some reason the players and the moms do!


Jennifer Miller said...

Sooooo cute!!! what a stud!!!!! I just love kids in sports!

Okie said...

Sounds like a killer game...awesome fun.