Friday, January 1, 2010

Do you remember

This post?

Well, the shoes in that picture are my favorite shoes.

I got them in March when I went up to Portland.

I wore them everyday until it was too warm to wear them.

At the end of September I started wearing them again...everyday.

Except the days I didn't, like Sundays or the days that I wore boots or other shoes instead, which has only been a couple of times.

I'm wearing them now.

These shoes are absolutely, positively THE MOST comfortable shoes that I have EVER owned. That would explain why I have worn them everyday! Walking around on a rather large campus, comfy shoes are a must!

On Monday, I was admiring my favorite shoes when I noticed the


A hole! A hole in the first layer of wool! I began to cry (a little).

Unfortunately for you, these shoes are like these pants! I will continue to wear them until they fall off of my feet...unless I can find another pair.

I guess all good things have to come to an end...eventually. Especially if they are shoes (no matter how well made) that you wear every single day.

1- Keens (Timberline)
2- Comfy shoes
3- Warm shoes


Anonymous said...

Surely this minor tear in the fabric can be remedied? Whenever I realize I like something as much as you seem to like these shoes, I try to buy additional copies of the same. I own two pair of cordovan Fluevog Angels because I love them so much - do they still make this exact pair of shoes? Buy another pair!

Jenny in Utah said...

I want a pair of those shoes - thanks for mentioning the brand ... off to shop!!!

Oh, and couldn't you get them repaired??? Looks like they are worth the bother!