Saturday, December 5, 2009

My FAVORITE pants...EVER...

What to do, what to do.

I have this pair of pants that I LOVE.

They have been with me for a couple of years now.

I probably wear them much more often than I actually should, but that's how much I LOVE them.

In fact, I probably have them on in most of the pictures that are taken of me...that's pathetic.

I do LOVE them.

They have been with me at my HEAVIEST time.

They have been with me at my SKINNIEST time.

They are wearing out.

They are SO worn out, let me show you:

(this is them from the front, I also have on my favorite shoes...BTW)

(this is them from the back, I LOVE that they are long)

The first thing that happened was this:

The little hooky thingys broke...ON BOTH SIDES...I just tied the 'belt thing' in a knot around the remaining part of the hooky thingys. I was good to go!

Then this:

There use to be some of that ribbon/belt stuff hanging from the snaps. day Teague grabbed them - while I was sitting down - as handles while he was leaning back, the ribbon/belt stuff snapped right off...OF BOTH SIDES...and Teague fell on his butt, with them in his hands. I was sad (for my pants, not Teague, it served him right).

Then this:

I was walking along and my phone fell on the ground. That's right! It fell out of this huge hole in my pocket right on to the ground! I was sad (for my pants, not so much for my phone since I drop it all the time anyway!).

Then this:

I do understand that this is a picture of my ARSE. This hole started out like the one on my left cheek...but just got bigger and bigger and bigger. So, I tried to safety pin it!
That's my underwear that you see.

And now, this:

The belt/ribbon thing just ripped right in half so it no longer wraps around the hooky thingy!

I should probably retire them...I just can't.


Because, for the record, I WILL continue to wear them whether you like it or not. I will wear them until they literally fall off of my body! SO, you gotta help me figure something out.

1- Favorite pants
2- Skinniest times


Christa said...

I say iron on patches on the inside of the pockets to keep your stuff inside... and the rest of it just add character.
I had a pair of jeans once (they might still be in the attic in my "skinny jeans box" I wore them almost everyday my snior year of high school, and atleast every weekend until I got pregnant with the twins. I wore them mud slingin, to dinner, to work in the barn, everywhere. They had so many holes in them from this or that. But they fit perfectly, and they told a story. I had them on the day I met my husband too.

Tiffany said...

I will not be one to tell you to retire them. I have a pair of pants I LOVE LOVE LOVE. They look a lot worse than those. Even though I can only wear them around the house now, I will until like you said, they literally fall off of me!

Jenny in Utah said...

Oh Karlyn ... I am not a fashionista by any means - not even close, but those pants are screaming at you to lay them to rest. Each of those little defects is the pants way of telling you that it's wearing days are over!!! I have had to let go a handful of FAVORITE items over the years, the earliest of my recollection happened when I was 9. I was wearing my VERY FAVORITE new yellow t-shirt and jeans. While I was outside playing I came across a dead squirrel. So, I picked it up and put it in my shirt to carry it home and show my mom, I thought a proper buriel was in order. My mom thought differently, I don't know what happened to the squirrel or my favorite t-shirt and jeans. So, perhaps that trauma has helped me to be able to say goodbye to favorite items, knowing that there will be others, somewhere, someday!!! ;)

AND, personally, once that rip on the back side pockets starts - it's all downhill from there!

Let them go Karlyn, if you really love them, set them free!!!