Monday, December 7, 2009

We have elves!

Amelia and Chester came to our house last year too!

Santa Claus sent them to keep an eye on the kidlets.

Apparently, they report back to Santa and let him know if they are good or bad.

Sometimes, they bring prizes or treats!

Last year, they even brought a Nativity Scene
(they did the 12 days of Christmas with it).

The kidlets wake up in the morning and search the house for them, they have been in the shower, on the chandelier even on the banisters! It's kind of fun.

Here is a picture of them with the prizes that they have brought the kidlets so far this year.

Pez Dispensers, Advent Calendars, Lemony Snickets "The Lump of Coal" and Gel Widow decorations.

1- Good kidlets
2- Amelia and Chester
3- Fun prizes


wilkinson_fam said...

So funny! We have a Nisse Gnome named Chester that takes reports to Santa as well! My kids can't wait for him to become enchanted after Thanksgiving each year!

p.s. looked for the "R" content. Haven't found it yet . . .