Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Umbilical Hernia

I was born with one, BUT, of course my mother took NO pictures! Heaven for bid her child is born with a birth defect, that she actually has proof of! She use to tape a fifty-cent piece over it so it wouldn't poke through my clothes. I had mine fixed at nine months. Apparently the doctor told my mom that when I was an adult it would look like a Rose Bud...Trust me...it doesn't. It looks sorta like the top of a deflated balloon. And, I have a cute little scar underneath my bellybutton from the surgery.

Piper was born with one. We took pictures, it was cute.

(taken the night before surgery)
She had hers fixed when she was three. Insurance considers it cosmetic after three, and her doctors said that if it didn't fix itself by then, it wouldn't. It looks really cute, almost like a normal bellybutton. She doesn't even have a scar.

(Sorry about the crappy picture)

Teague was born with one. We took pictures, it was strange.

(taken the night before surgery)
Teague's was much bigger than Piper's. When he was one, I was holding him and noticed that it was hard, so I called the doctor to see if that was normal...it wasn't. He informed me that what was happening was called strangulation and he needed the surgery right away. He had it shortly after that. He doesn't really have a bellybutton, his was so big, the surgeon kinda had to cut it off and sew his tummy together, so he has a straight scar for a bellybutton, it's cool.

(Again, sorry about the crappy picture)

I have to say, and I think Aaron will agree, that I miss those bellybuttons! They were SO fun to play with, so soft. And...they made GREAT noises when we squeezed them.

All the doctors said that it isn't hereditary/genetic. But I honestly question that!

Here's a link if you are interested, it's very short and easy to read.

When people ask me or my kidlets if we have innies or outies...well, we can't really answer because we have neither!

1- bellybuttons
2- good doctors


Lisa said...

one of spencer's boys had that. this was a fascinating post actually. thanks!

Tiffany said...

Wow. What a random post, but very interesting. Hereditary/genetic?? Yeah, I'd question that too!!

Smendrick said...

My neighbor girl in Bountiful had one.