Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Sunday 2009

My favorite Sunday of the year.

I got a MAJOR KILLER deal on the kidlets outfits. I am very pleased with how they look.

Teague was really concerned about wearing khakis with a black shirt, but I think it looked nice. Once we got him all dressed, he felt handsome. I wish you could see his black, grey and orange skull socks!

We spent a total of 3 minutes deciding how to do Piper's hair on Saturday night. When we did it on Sunday it took about 5 minutes (this is awesome, a quick cute hairdo!) It was in a low bun with hair hanging out on top, then the scarf (that came with the dress) was twisted, then wrapped around her bun.

I just LOVE this picture of them.

1- Christmas Outfits
2- Christmas Sunday
3- Singing Christmas music at church


Tiffany said...

It is my favorite Sunday of the year too. Except...I didn't get a photo of my kids all together! We dress up for dinner on Christmas Eve, so hopefully I'll remember this evening.
You kids are beautiful. Merry Christmas.

Jen said...

Super cute! I wish I could think of cute hair-do's for my girls like that. I'm not a very good stylist, being the tom-boy that I am.