Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come on ladies!!!

Just because Oprah

"...quit wearing one years ago,"


There are reasons that slips are necessary to wear under skirts and dresses! Why they were invented.

Would you like me to tell you a few?

Okay...I will

* When I look at your cute dress or skirt, I don't like to see your panties or their lines! Suddenly your skirt isn't as cute as it could have been.

* Nor do I want to see the silhouette of your legs.

* When the sun shines down directly on your pretty little self and you're wearing a cute light colored springy/summery skirt...I can see
Not just your panties and their lines and the leg silhouettes, but
And honestly, I don't want to see

* I think it is UGLY when your skirt or dress goes in between your legs! You are not wearing culottes or gauchos, if that's the look you were going for, then just wear culottes or gauchos!

* And besides, it's distracting and annoying when you are constantly pulling your skirt out from between your legs. You are only drawing attention to the fact that you are NOT WEARING a slip!

When you DO wear a slip, there are no pantie lines, nor can I see them!

When you wear a slip, I don't see the silhouette of your legs!

When you wear a slip and the sun shines down on your pretty little self, I don't see EVERYTHING!

When you wear a slip, your skirts and dresses will not go in between your legs! They will hang beautifully like they were meant to hang!

Some excuses I've heard for NOT WEARING a slip are;

* Too much static electricity.
-Really? Please. Just get some handy dandy "Static Guard." I have had the same can since I got married (nearly 13 years). It lasts forever. And...it works.

* They're uncomfortable.
-Really? How much do they weigh? Like...less than the smallest measurement of weight? Do you really notice that you are wearing one? Sorry, not a good excuse. And, wouldn't you feel more comfortable if you look better?

* They get all twisted up.
-Solution? Get one that fits. And if they are twisting up because of static electricity...Static Guard.

* Oprah hasn't worn one in years.
-Well Oprah has millions and billions of dollars and nobody really cares whether or not she wears a slip. But, you will notice her skirts go in between her legs often, and it looks stupid. And, who said that Oprah was in charge of the world?

Oprah did say to get a bra fitting. THIS, I agree with!
Why are you all

I know that some skirts and dresses are made so a slip isn't necessary...I still wear a slip - I'm a little psycho, I know that - I feel more comfortable. I also know that some skirts are so insanely short you literally can't wear a slip - I choose NOT to wear those skirts, and in my opinion...you should probably choose not to wear those skirts also! Some dresses and skirts actually have a slip built in, okay, it might be okay not to wear a slip with those, but I still do, because the slips that are built in seem to go in between my legs and it bothers me.

So, I guess what I am saying is

Unless you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY do not have to!

And, go get a bra fitting, really, it will make a world of difference.

2-A good fitting bra
3-Cute comfy skirts
4- That it isn't necessary to wear a petticoat, corset etc.!


Tiffany said...

That was funny! Love it. I am a slip wearer nearly 90% of the time. Especially after I left my underwear exposed when my dress got caught up at the TEMPLE last year. I agree that skirts hang much more nicely with one. I cringe when someone stands up and their dress/skirt is in their bum-clearly NOT WEARING A SLIP!

Christa said...

oh this was hilarious! I agree though. I have so many different slips it's crazy, I have a full slip, a half slip, and I have camis. I have them in more than one color. And it drives me crazy to see someone's who-ha through their skirt!

Jenny in Utah said...


I had no idea Oprah was anti-slip - too funny!

**Amy** said...

You always make me laugh! I absoluetly agree. I was shamed by my aunt one time when I was about 12 and did not have a slip on. She gave me a long lecture about the importance of wearing a slip. In fact your post reminded me of it! I have worn one since that day!

RitterB's said...

Bought a slip last week. Wore it this weekend... Still not a fan. But thought of you!