Thursday, June 21, 2007

Best teacher EVER!

I have been thinking ever since Piper's show tonight. I don't think that any of my teachers ever came to see me in anything that I did. RUDE!

Tonight I was sitting in the foyer of the Babcock waiting for Piper to come upstairs from the dressing room when Ms. Jessica came walking out of the Theatre! I was so happy to see her. I told her to wait for Piper, because I knew that Piper would want to see her, so she did, and she and her hubby were kind enough to pose for a picture.

When we got in the car Piper said, "I was wondering when Ms. Jessica would come, I wanted her to come most of anyone!" I was so happy for Piper.

Unfortunately Ms. Jessica is not going to be at Sandcastle Academy next year, but luckily she is still going to be teaching.

As I was sitting in the foyer waiting for the show to end and reading #3 in "A series of Unfortunate Events" I suddenly heard, "Hi Momma!" I looked up and there was my little Piper with a froglet friend running to the restroom. So, of course I made them stop for a quick picture.


Valerie said...

Good morning all you little froglets out there and their little brother froglets. I bet Piper's teacher was impressed with the show as much as I was.

Corinne said...

What a supportive teacher! That would've TOTALLY made me thrilled as a kid :)