Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Gnome Mobile

I remember when my dad brought home our very first VCR! What a day in the Hyde household, fighting over which movie we were going to watch first. I was probably about 8 years old (give or take). You know what's funny, I think that exact VCR is under my house.
Anyway, I don't remember which movie we ended up watching, I do however remember renting Disney's "The Gnome Mobile" ALL THE TIME. I loved it so much. In December of 2006, I remembered this movie, so I searched High and Low to find a copy to purchase. I finally found one at Music to the Maxx In Layton, UT. I bought it thinking that my kids would also love it. Unfortunately they never wanted to watch it, I guess it didn't LOOK good. However, last week they wanted to watch a movie, but they wanted it to be a surprise, so I put it on and guess what!?!? They LOVE it. I am so excited.


AP said...

I want to see that!!!

AP said...

ap is me Adrian yes I am leaving a comment