Monday, June 4, 2007


Aaron graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on Saturday!!

The day started off with a brunch for all graduates. Aaron got four tickets, so he took me and his parents. It was really nice, it was held outside on campus. While we were there we talked to a couple of Aaron's professors - Greg Gagne and Helen Hu, and some of his computer science friends - Stu, Curtis, Marcel and Chad
(Stu & Curtis are in the picture). The brunch started at 10:00, and we stayed until about 12:15.

Aaron had to be to the E-Center by 1:00, so while he was getting ready I was finding seats for the few people that were going to be at the Commencement. I saved seats for the kids, my mom and Aaron's parents.

Okay, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. It started at 2:00 and ended at about 4:45. Luckily the commencement speaker, Dr. Stephen R. Baar, was giving a darn good speech otherwise, I may have died right there in section 125 row 16 seat 6. Teague fell asleep (luckily) and Piper was getting antsy. And, of course, Aaron walked third to last!! Not that it would have mattered if he went first, we weren't going anywhere.

In the picture Aaron is on the back row the sixth one from the left
(you can kind of see is green collar).

When it was over, we met outside in the 100+ degree heat. Poor Teague had just woke up, unfortunately he is just like his mom when he wakes up, and the heat was killing him. Luckily we were able to get some pictures before we all passed out. There is a picture of Aaron with his parents, a picture of he and I and one of him and the kids
(Obviously Teague was DONE for the day).

And of course I thought it would be adorable if I got pictures of the kids in their Dad's cap with his diploma!

And to think that we are going to be doing this all over again in 2009!


Karlyn said...

For some reason, my blog skills weren't working very well at midnight, sorry it looks so strange.

Corinne said...

Friends! CONGRATS!! Karlyn, from one student-spouse to another, I FEEL your elation! I think the day my husband recieves his PhD will be the most eagerly anticipated day of my life. Possibly more than I anticipated my actual marriage to said PhD student. Just kidding :) Aaron - I am so happy for you and your family. What an accomplishment. And I love that picture with the kids - Teague CRACKS ME UP. He actually looks like Preston when he's been awakened as well :)

I also really appriciate that you took your kids to the graduation. Getting a degree with a family is absolutely a family affair and they deserve just as much applause as the gradute :)

What is this with 2009? Am I hearing a Master's Degree??

Aaron said...

Yep, I'm working on my Masters in Business Administration in Technology Management. Otherwise known as an MBATM. Basically an MBA only with extra sugary goodness.