Thursday, June 14, 2007

Break a Leg!

Last night was opening night for HONK! Piper did such a good job, and it is such a fun show I was thoroughly entertained the entire hour and 15 minutes. Piper has been looking forward to this for what seems like forever, so she was a little hyper. When she and her little froglet co-stars came out, you couldn't help but smile, they were so cute, they definitely stole the show. And Piper sang her solo SO well.
We got four comp ticket to the show, so Aaron, Teague, Amanda (our babysitter) and I went. Teague was cracking us up because toward the beginning the Father Duck (Drake) said, "Ahh, I've created a monster!" So Teague kept saying that until toward the end when Drake said, "Hello Penny!" Then Teague wouldn't stop saying that. Luckily he wasn't saying it loudly.
After the show we went to Hires to get something to eat, it was so yummy. We were all laughing and having a good time.
It was a very good night.
The pictures are as follows:
Piper signing in.
Piper with the Stage Manager, Erin (after the show).
Piper with the Director, Penny (after the show).
Piper with the Musical Director, Darren (after the show).
Piper and a fellow froglet with their boss, "The Toad", Steve (after the show).
Piper with The Ugly Duckling, Eb (after the show).
Piper standing in front of the Babcock Theatre sign.

Just a side note: No, this is not the only outfit Piper has, it just seems to be the one she wears whenever we take pictures.


Corinne said...

Congrats Piper! Such fun! I want to go to Hires too!!