Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let's start with

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival. Again, this is a Salazar family tradition (I know we have a lot, but that's a good thing...right?) After driving around for what seemed like forever trying to find a free parking space, we finally found one, we had a bit of a walk but that's okay, it wasn't too hot, but it was up hill (both ways).

We started at the bottom on one side, went to the top, and back down the other side. Halfway down the other side we stopped for lunch at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. Overpriced, but oh so good.

Again, Teague is the only one that left with out a treat! What a strange child, he didn't want anything. Piper and I each got a pair of earrings from an artist that is there every year. Her company is called Eye Candy Jewelry. This year, I got a black and clear swirled pair of "Life saver" earrings and Piper got yellow ones. Two years ago, I got orange ones, and Piper got red ones. But we actually share all four pair. Aaron actually got a T-shirt from a shop on Main Street called Chester's Black Smith Shop.

Both kidlets really wanted to go to the kids section and do something, I told them that couldn't get their faces painted. They never seem to look good and the kidlets seem to complain about how hot and itchy it is. So, they made some pet rocks. Teague named his "Rockish" because every rock is named Rockish, which was later changed to "Super Rockish" because we made a cape for him. Piper named hers "Ruby." I don't know why.I think the kidlets got a business card from nearly every artist exhibit, they did it last year too, so I have combine all the cards and have them in a baggie.

Anyway, it really was a perfect day! The weather was wonderful, slightly overcast, with a drop or two of rain, and a temperature around 85 or so. And the kidlets, bless their little hearts were well behaved even after all the walking. The only downside of the afternoon was that our friend Marla was not there. She wasn't at anything this year, I hope all is well with her.


Valerie said...

Well it looks like everyone had a grand day. One of these years I might decide to go. Since I have never been to the Park City Arts Festival is is jokingly my tradition NOT to go!

Corinne said...

What a great time! I love pigtails too :)