Monday, August 6, 2007

Theatre School

Well, Piper started Theatre School today, and Teague started his skating lessons.

We took Piper up to the West Institute by 9:00, I stuck around to make sure everything was okay and for some notes that Zack gave the parents. Piper was so excited, she is in the "Green Company" with all the other six year olds. She is especially happy because Erin is her teacher. Erin was the stage manager for "Honk!" and another friend from Honk!, Isabella, is also in her class. The t-shirts this year are pretty cool, here's a couple pictures;
It was another surreal day for me. It seems like whenever I go to the West Institute or the Babcock Theatre, I feel like (I've said it before and I'll say it again) I need to bust out into song and dance. Anyway, back to Piper! She wore her t-shirt from last year for the first day, she looked very cute, a lot of the kids were wearing previous years shirts. She has four classes; Musical Theatre, Stage Craft, Stage Movement and Dramatic Arts. Last year her class did "The Giving Tree" for their final performance, this year her class will be doing "The Rainbow Goblins.", Piper will be a yellow goblin.

If you click on this link, there is a picture of Piper in "The Giving Tree" standing on a block holding up a leaf. She is in blue and pink. It is toward the bottom of the page.

I am so proud of my little Piper. I am so happy that she has such a love for performing, and I hope it stays with her forever. She has absolutely no fear of performing, she doesn't even get nervous at auditions. She already asking me if she can do the winter after school youth theatre. Oh how I love my little actress.


Corinne said...

It's so great when our kids love the things we love, don't you think?