Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theatre School Performance

For the performance day, Piper's class was ask to dress up like what wanted to be when they grow up, Piper dressed like an artist. We got one of Aaron's old dress shirts and spattered it with paint and she wore her tidied tank top and her pink converse high tops, that seemed pretty artsy. She actually had a paintbrush and a pallet, but she didn't use it during the performance.
Instead of doing "Rainbow Goblins," they did "Imagine a Day."
Piper's part was this:

"Imagine a day when autumn is a yellow canopy above you, a burnt orange carpet underneath, a road you have never ridden on before".

She nailed it, I was such a proud mom. Her musical number was from "The Lion King," her class sang, "I just can't wait to be King!"agian, she nailed it. Some of the other songs were: "Everybody wants to be a Cat"from "The Aristocats," "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now!" from "Hairspray" and "We're All in This Together" from "High School Musical."Then of course at the end, they sang the Theatre School theme song which is a totally different song than it was when I went.

When the kids were all done, we all went out to the foyer and exchanged phone numbers and took pictures and such.

Grammie Annie, Aunt Angela, Seth and Maamaa came to support Piper along with Teague, Aaron and I. Afterwards, Maamaa took our little family to "The Pie" for lunch, unfortunately Grammie Annie, Angela and Seth weren't able to join us.

The Pie is a whole different story in and of itself. My name is on that wall at least a dozen times, but nowhere to be seen because so many other names are finally on top of it. I also remember a year when TSFY students were ban from eating there! FUNNY. Memories.

Anyway, a very good day. One of those days when I too almost burst into song.

The pictures are as follows:

Isabel, Piper and Mia
Piper and her Stage Craft Teacher
Her class on stage
Singing the theme song
Piper and Mia
Piper and her Music Teacher
Piper and Zack ( he was in charge this year, Penny, who is normally in charge, just had a baby)


Corinne said...

Great pictures - looks like she had such fun!!