Friday, August 31, 2007

Mom's house

Last Saturday, my mom had the whole family over for lunch to celebrate the August birthdays. Unfortunately, Jordan (an August birthday) couldn't make it because he had just started a new job and had to do inventory. Also, Jaffa (another August birthday) lives back east, so she wasn't there. But....Miriam, my sister-in-law, wife to Drew and Mom to Jaffa was there, and she too has an August Birthday.

Some other people that were unable to make it were: Vanessa, Drew's daughter, she had to work. All of Jordan's family (Valyn, Keenan, Channing, Schuyler & Brighton), they live in Saratoga Springs, so, since Jordan didn't come that's kind of a long drive. And Kourtney, Matthew's oldest daughter, was doing a fundraiser car wash for debate.

But everyone else was there, that made 17 of us. When my family gets together, it is LOUD, no matter who is there, or how many of us there are. We are just naturally LOUD people. Poor Aaron has to take something before we go, because he always leaves with a headache.

Anyway, mom had made some sandwiches on french bread, and everyone (except us) brought a salad. There were chips too along with all my mom's specialties: Pickled Carrots (YUMMERS), olives, danish pickles etc.

Before we ate, Matthew's boys (Reagan and Logan) and my kidlets were outside looking at a grasshopper and I captured these pictures.

After we ate, Teague was throwing rotten apples into the creek. Apparently Dad didn't spray the tree this year, so they are all bad, but it is okay, because the deer will come down and eat them. But I got this great picture of Teague jumping to pull an apple off of the tree and then him throwing it into the creek.

Oh the joys of being 4!