Friday, February 8, 2008

Aaron's birthday

The big 34!

So for some reason, I have been slacking in the taking pictures department. But Aaron's birthday (Feb. 3) Was really fun.

I ended up getting him and Invisible Shield for his new baby, and some pants which he needed desperately for work. The kids got him a fedora, some cool socks and some T-shirts. Here is a picture of the kids with Aaron, he is wearing one of the t-shirts the kids got him and they are "working" playing with Aaron's Mac Book.Since his birthday was on Sunday, he and I celebrated on Saturday night. We went to Biaggi's for dinner, which, by the way, is EXCELLENT for a chain restaurant. Aaron stuck to the Seafood theme: Mussles, Salmon and shrimp. I on the other hand had some very yummy Gorgonzola cheese sauce pork chops.

After dinner we went to see "Cloverfield." Interesting show. I know I didn't love it, it was okay, I know that I won't see it again, but okay. Aaron and I are big LOST fans. We heard that there was a clue about Lost in the movie, but we never found/saw it.

Sunday was fun. I had gone to the deli and bought a TON of meat and cheese. I also bought spinich, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, avocados, jalepenos and some other toppings. And of course Mayo, Miracle Whip (there is a difference) and Mustard. I made the Salazar family mix, Mustard and Mayo. And of course a Hoagie isn't a hoagie without hoagie buns from Dick's Market. And...a birthday just isn't a birthday without a cake from Dick's. The kidlets chose this one:Holy Cow! What a fun night! However once again it decided to storm, so a few people were unable to make it, but it was still great fun! Grandma & pa Johnson were there. John and Annie. Gina and her kids. Angela, Randy and Seth. My mom and dad. And our little family. We really missed having Val and Doyle and Dave and Penny and Jared and Jen. But we know they would have come if they felt safe coming down the incredible hill, or traveling on the nasty freeway.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Even though it was Aaron's birthday, he took this picture of Teague and I! Teague is definitely my cuddler, especially when he is tired. I LOVE IT.


Valerie said...

HAPPY Birthday Aaron!!! Sorry we missed the birthday dinner/party. Doyle was studying as usual and when it started to snow (again) I just wanted to stay out of it. It must have been getting to me having to drive to and from work in bad weather, I just didn't want to again. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

Corinne said...

Happy happy birthday to Aaron! Sounds like you all had a great time :)