Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Genetic Engineering (Written by Aaron)

If you didn't already know, I'm working on my MBA for technology management at Westminster College. Currently I'm enrolled in a class (MTECH 641) that discusses technologies and their roll in society. My team and I have chosen to write our final paper on genetic engineering. I know this is a touchy subject and I know there are a lot of people that feel strongly about their position with this issue. I don't intend to spark a heated discussion here (although your comments are always welcome) but to ask you to participate in the poll that I've placed in the margin of this blog. The idea is to determine which of the two options (or both or neither) seem to you to be bad. You can interpret this to mean what ever but I think that it is reasonably straight forward. The results of this poll will go into my paper. I understand that it isn't very scientific, I just need a sample of the public. When the poll is done I'll leave the results up for a few days should any of you be interested.



Valerie said...

Good luck on your survey Aaron. If no one else votes then I guess my vote will not be anonymous. Your survey sounds like a good Sunday dinner discussion too.

spandexisin said...

I voted!!!!!!!
I will have Randy vote too.