Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Labor Day

I know, I know I'm like a month late on this post, but better late than NEVER!!!

One of my best friends from High School got in contact with me back in July, it has been so fun getting to know each other again and remembering crazy things from way back in the day. In fact, I was under my house trying to find some stuff and I found a couple of pictures of us. Both from Christmas Break 1993, we were home from college. We went to the Bountiful High Christmas dance and thanks to our moms we had a boutonniere and corsage. The other one is a picture of us in my mom's old living room. I think it was the night that we went and saw "Tombstone." or it was "With Honors." I know we saw both of those movies together. I don't have a scanner, so if I want to post them, I have to go to my dad's office to scan them. (maybe I will)

So, on Labor Day, my little family and his little family met at Thanksgiving Point for a Luau. It was so much fun getting caught up. I can't believe he has 3 girls! And....they are beautiful. His two oldest are the same age as my kidlets, then he has a seven month old.

Here are a few pictures;

This is of Mark's two oldest and my two. Gotta love how Teague tries to steal the picture.


Teague and Ella (yes, he has on black nail polish...he is after all a ROCKER!)

Piper and Sara


You think we would have gotten a picture of Mark and I, but we didn't. Here's a link to his blog if you are really all that interested. :)


Mark VH said...

Dang, those are some cute kids. That was really fun, I enjoyed it immensely.

ermakaluso said...

I was reading your blog and while you were describing your friend you reconnected with in July, I was thinking it was me... which is also true...and then I read about the Christmas Dance in 1993 and for the life of me I couldn't remember doing that. Finally, when you said Mark's name, I got it. You have other friends! I was a little scared that you were going to be posting a picture of me in 4th grade or something.