Friday, September 26, 2008


It was $10.00 more expensive this year than last year, but so worth it. We did the usual, we started out at Dracula's Castle,

The Scrambler,

and The Tilt-A-Whirl,

usually by this time we go to lunch, but we still had a few minutes before lunch started, so Piper and Aaron went on The Rocket

while Teague and I went on The Flying Aces.

Then off to lunch! Usually the hot dogs are scrumptious and anyone who knows me knows that I love a good hot dog (I never use to admit that, for some reason it was embarrassing, but not anymore!), however the hot dogs this year were absolutely positively horrible! I could only gag down two bites, normally I can eat two to three, sometimes four hot problem, but not this day! ARGH! I couldn't even 'make' the kidlets eat theirs. So we ate tons of chips to hold us over. Aaron said that the Hamburgers were okay (I don't like Hamburgers.....I know, I's strange). This is the kidlets sittin', bein' cute while Aaron finished his hamburger.

So, we continued on...Grammie Annie came and met up with us after we had done some more rides. We got a huge Snow Cone, of course each kidlet wanted their own, we finally talked them into one SnowCone with two flavors.

Grammie said that she would take Teague to KiddieLand while Aaron, Piper and I did some of the other rides. We went on the old white Roller Coaster - my very favorite - and we loved it. We were on our way to Turn of the Century when Aaron realized that his phone wasn't in his pocket. So we went back to the Roller Coaster to see if it happened to fall out. They stopped the ride while a ride operator walked the premises looking for Aaron's phone, everybody in line was quite upset. They were taking, so I told Aaron that he and Piper should just go over to the other ride and I would meet them there. A few minutes later the ride operator came back cradling an object in his hands as if it were a small animal that was hurt. was Aaron's phone....broke into a billion (okay 5 0r 6) little pieces! I started laughing and told the guy 'Thank you.' Who does this happen to? ........The Salazars, of course.

I met Aaron and Piper in line for the next ride and handed Aaron his phone with a smug smile. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. The battery was even bent, nothing salvageable, except - luckily - the sim card and picture card. Aaron and I have the same phone (cheesy, I know!), only different colors, so we put the picture card in mine and we put everything else in a pocket in the bag we had.

So anyway.....we spent the entire day there. I took tons of pictures, but chose a few to post. Aaron and the kidlets went on the carousel, I go on it sometimes, but it is the one ride that I really don't like.

And we let the kidlets go on a few rides all by themselves.

Oh, and this is what happens when you ask the Salazar kidlets to pull a face for a picture.

The entire day Piper kept bugging us about going on The Log Flume and Rattlesnake Rapids. We told her that if we did go on them, they would have to be at the end of the day so we weren't walking around wet all day. We went on them when there was absolutely no line and it was dark and getting cold. We (Aaron & I) were secretly hoping that they would be closed. We did The Log Flume and we all loved it, none of us really got wet, maybe just a little. Then we went over to Rattlesnake Rapids. We were dodging all of the waterfalls like pros, until we hit the major one. Aaron tilted just so, Teague and I were soaked! Piper and Aaron...not so much. It was definitely the funnest ride of the day, we thanked Piper profusely for making us go on it.

On the way out, we let the kidlets play Whack-a-Mole. Of course Aaron and I helped so both could leave with a prize.

WHAT A FUN DAY! But what are we going to do next year? Aaron will be done with school, so we won't be able to go on Westminster Lagoon day for $10.00!!!! I really don't want to pay $140.00 for my little family.......maybe passes?


Jenny in Utah said...

Ahhh, Lagoon - I worked there for too many years (let's just say they helped me pay for college - and let me clarify that I had an office job by that point in time) I have a hard time going there for fun anymore - my deprived children. You make it sound almost fun ... still thinking! Oh, and the phone - too funny in a sad, expensive way! Did you have phone insuranse? Really - sounds like a very fun day - bet your kids love you lots! :)

Jen said...

Too fun! I'll have to admit, I can only handle it every couple of years. So I was glad to find out that my niece had a season pass and I just sent Cullen with her this year so I didn't have to go!

tjneumann said...

Cute blog! I just saw your comment on mine so I had to come browse yours! You are welcome to link to mine, although you can probably tell I am not good at keeping it updated! I'm so glad you guys like Lagoon... people think I'm a nerd for loving it! My mom bought us season passes for Christmas and it's been awesome to go whenever we want. See you around the 'hood!- Jessica

Seesalou said...

lagoon. so nice that they can rip nice people off because of a lack of competition. glad you had fun. i'm with piper-i love those water rides! hope you are well. your blog is sure entertaining karlynn. p.s. orlando bloom, rob thomas, john mayer, paul walker, antonio banderas (in his younger days), rob lowe, and for some odd reason...hugh grant.

Ray Ball Fam said...

Looks like fun! We didn't make it this year :{ Maybe next year! Looks like your doing good! Cute blogs!