Saturday, September 15, 2007

LAGOON: $10.00 & Free lunch for a family of Four!

Can you believe that? And I am being truthful, $10.00 (total) and free lunch for all four of us!

Aaron's school does this every year. This is our third year to go. The admission is usually around $35.00 per person, so that would be about $140.00 for our little family, so compared to $10.00 and a free lunch, this is pretty much FREE! YIPPEE.


Aaron had class that morning so we decided to meet him up there. The kidlets and I got there at about 11:30. We went on "Dracula's Castle," "The Scrambler," "Tilt A Whirl," and we were just getting on "Paratrooper" when Aaron got there at 12:30. Unfortunately, the lady that was running the ride was slower than molasses, so we didn't get off of "Paratrooper" until 1:00.

We went directly to "The Cascade Terrace" for our lunch, All you can eat Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Potato Salad and drinks. It was free. All you can eat. Did I mention that is was "free all you can eat"?

After lunch we got on the "Sky Ride" I rode by myself. Piper thought is was pretty cool that she was tall enough to ride by herself, so she did. Aaron and Teague rode together. Then we did "The music Express," Unfortunately there could be no more than three people per car, so Piper and I rode together and Teague and Aaron rode together. Then since Teague is only 38 inches and can't really ride anything, he and I went over to "Kiddieland" while Aaron and Piper did the "Colossus" and the "Centennial Screamer."

While Teague and I were on our way over to "Kiddieland," He noticed the "Tidal Wave" luckily he was tall enough to ride with a responsible adult...i.e. Me! He loved it, and he couldn't stop talking about how brave he was. Then we started doing the kiddie rides.

Aaron and Piper met up with us and I took Piper to do the "Roller Coaster" my personal favorite of all the rides, while Aaron stayed with Teague. After Piper and I were done we met up with Aaron and Teague again. We did "Tidal Wave" again so Teague could show everyone how brave he was. Piper and Teague ended up doing all of the kiddie rides while Aaron and I watched, however, we did do "Dinosaur Drop" and "Ladybug Bop" with them. We also did the Carousel. We also let the kids play "Wac-a-mole" and in order to win, one of them had to get to 100, it took awhile, in fact, Aaron and I took over and then Aaron and I played so each kidlet could get a prize.

At about 6:50, my parents picked up the kidlets and took them home to the babysitter. Aaron and I stayed so we could do some rides together that the kidlets couldn't do. We got in line for "Wicked" at 7:30 and got off the ride at 8:30, but it was so worth it, what a great new ride. I screamed the entire time and my eyes were dripping with tears because of the wind. We also did "Colossus," "Wild Mouse," "The Spider," "Sky Ride," and "The Jet Star."

We got home at about 10:20, the kidlets were bathed and in bed! What a great babysitter Kaity is!

All in all, a great day.


Corinne said...

The lagoon! Amusement park of champions!! Sounds like you had such a fun day! Stake lagoon day was the only time we could ever go because with six kids, my parents couldn't afford it otherwise!!