Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ricks Creek Neighborhood Annual Salmon/Chicken Bake

Every year, our ward/neighborhood does a salmon/chicken bake. This is the one activity that I know we will all go to without kicking and screaming (Aaron mostly:)). Since Aaron and I are on the activities committee we were in charge of making sure that the tables and chairs got from the church to the park and from the park to the church. Aaron actually stayed late at school on Tuesday night so he could go and help with all of this. I helped with getting the tables and chairs from the church to the park, the young men, the young men's presidency and the young men's presidents daughter (who is 11) were all there to help and I must say that Alexa (pres. daughter) probably did most of the work. We loaded about 50 tables and about 500 folding chairs. The young men pretty much played basketball until I got after them, then they were a great help.

Up until a couple of years ago, there was a man in our ward that would go up to Alaska and get all of the salmon for the salmon bake, however, he is now living in South America for the church, so he doesn't go fishing anymore. We now get our salmon from Costco, but rumor has it from last night that it was incredible, I wouldn't know, because I am not a fish lover, that is why they also have chicken, for people like me and chicken nuggets and tots for the little ones.

The actual party was quite fun, I think that most of the ward was there, which is really nice to see such a great turn out. Most people were assigned to bring a salad, so there was a huge variety and I think I pretty much tried some of everything. Actually, by the time I got to the grill for my chicken, my plate was already FULL, overflowing. And....I don't think that there was one thing that I didn't like which is really amazing since I am such a picky eater. But, I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken, but my plate was empty by the end. Yes...when it is food I like....I EAT! A LOT. Aaron always makes fun of me by saying something like, "Oh, did you drop your food? Do I need to go get you some more?" Nice.

After everyone was done eating, people just socialized, which I love. And all the kids played, and there were a ton of kids. It was fun to look over at the park toy and see it loaded with kids. Piper mostly played with her little friend Sydney, whom she loves SO much. Teague played with everyone, but mostly the dirt. What is it with little boys and sticks and dirt?

After is was all over, everybody, even those who weren't ask, stayed and cleaned up. I LOVE THAT! I love the willingness and understanding of our ward. I know that it is probably like that everywhere, but I still love it. So, instead of just the elders quorum cleaning up and making sure that the table and chairs got back to the church, it was everybody who was still at the party. Clean up was only about an hour. Aaron was home by 9:15. I had left after the clean up to get the kids bathed, read to and in bed.

What a fun neighborhood tradition. This is one reason for us to stay put. The Ricks Creek Neighborhood Annual Salmon/Chicken Bake.


Aaron said...

The pile of dirt that Teague made, is what he calls a "salad castle". For those without a keen eye for architecture may not notice the accents of grass, thus the name. ;)

Corinne said...

Just for the record, I think Teague and Xavey would be BEST FRIENDS. The dirt would bring them together :)