Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Zoo....again

I promised the kids that I would take them to the zoo again before school starts, since we didn't see everything that they wanted to see last time. I called my friend Lacey to see if she and her kids wanted to come with us. Our kids are good friends, Bailey is exactly one year younger than Piper and Corey is exactly eight months younger than Teague. Lacey's mom came with us also. I swear, we were there FOREVER!!!

We saw the baby colobus monkey and I got some good pictures, oh how cute. The White Alligator was out of the water right up next to the glass, freaky.We saw the Elephants getting a shower. We saw the tiger jump and play in the water, very cool. And we saw one of the gorillas fill up a bottle in the stream and then drink it, over and over again. We actually saw all the animals and took all the right pictures.

As we were leaving, the kidlets remembered that Aaron wanted some Kettle Corn the last time that we were there, so they ask if we could get some for him. I told them that I only had $7.oo left, so if we got Daddy some popcorn we wouldn't have as much to spend in the gift shop, they didn't care. So we left with a bag of Kettle Corn for Daddy and a $1.99 prize for each kidlet and about $.80 left over in change. I am so proud of the fact that my kidlets are SO thoughtful, I think when I was there age, I would have decided to get a better prize instead of a treat for my dad.

Sorry there are so many pictures and that they are all out of order, but I couldn't choose just a couple! Let me see if I can tell you what they are:

Kids on the Gorilla
At the globe on the way out
Teague & Corey holding hands
"Do you measure up?" One that we take everytime.
Looking at a Reptile of some sort
With the Gorilla head...everytime
Gorilla filling bottle
Gorilla drinking out of bottle
White Alligator near the window
Elephant getting a shower
Kids on the Rhino
Kids on the Tigers
Tiger swimming
In front of the zoo
baby Colobus Monkey
cute Teague
Kids in Alligator exhibit

The kids had so much fun. And the fact that their best friends and one of my best friends were with us is what made it so fun!

Thanks Randalls for the fun at the zoo.