Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here it is!

The long awaited family picture! My mom actually got them a long time ago, I just haven't had a chance to go to dad's office and scan it. There is one picture of just my little family and one of just Aaron and I, but I have not received those from my mom yet, I think she is waiting to give them as a gift, so while you wait for those ones, here is the one of the entire family. Enjoy. This is how my family goes;
Dad -Larry
Mom - Karen
Brother - Drew, married to Miriam. Jaffa and Natanya are Miriam's daughters. Vanessa, Michael and Marcella are Drew's kids, Michael and Marcella are twins.
Brother - Kent, married to Mia.
Brother - Jordan, married to Valyn. Keenan, Channing, Schuyler and Brighton are their kids.
Brother - Matthew, married to LuJayne. Reagan and Logan are their boys. Kourtney is Matthew's oldest.
Me - Karlyn, married to Aaron. Piper and Teague are our kidlets.

Let's see if I can place everybody:

Standing left to right: Kourtney (Matthew's oldest), Natanya (Miriam's second daughter, Jaffa is her oldest, not pictured),Vanessa, Drew, Miriam, Dad, Kent, Mia, Teague, Aaron.
Sitting left to right: Matthew, LuJayne (a little in front of Matthew), Michael, Marcella, Mom, Keenan, Jordan, Schuyler, Karlyn, Piper.
Sitting on ground left to right: Reagan (on rock), Logan (standing in front of LuJayne), then closer to the middle: Brighton, Channing, Valyn.

By George, I think I got it.

My mom has the hugest one hanging in her new living room...HUGE!


Corinne said...

LOVELY~~~!! And the kids look so cheery :) We're going to try to do something similar this Thanksgiving with my bro in law is back from Iraq and my sister is back from her mission. Just the thought of all those people having to be well behaved at one time makes me feel very anxious!!