Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I ask Aaron if he read the post about my labor and delivery with Piper and Teague. He said that he had, but he wondered why I didn't mention him at all.
OH MY GOSH, I FELT SO BAD! So I tried to make him feel better by telling him that it was about me becoming certified as a doula and to relate my birth experience! But...then I got to thinking about it, and I can't believe that I didn't mention my sweet hubby and what a help he was during my labors in my paper! I am really ashamed.
Let me start by saying that before I was pregnant, I was the type of woman that would have said, "Bring on the drugs!!" and I was also the type of woman that if you ask me if I was going to breastfeed my babies, I wouldn't have not hesitated in saying, "NO!"
Then, I found out that I was preggers and something happened. I think that Aaron saying things like "maybe you should do some research on breastfeeding" & "I think you should at least try" finally clicked in my "Placenta brain." After doing TONS of research on childbirth, Aaron and I (Not just me!) decided to take a Bradley Method childbirth class. When we started class I was dead set on having a natural childbirth, but I was still unsure on the breastfeeding issue.
After week one, I was dead set on both issues. That class was such an incredible experience for both Aaron and I. Aaron and I went to every class together. We participated in everything together. Everything with my pregnancy, labor and delivery was a great experience because I had a supportive husband that understood what was important to me. Aaron was the one that fired our first nurse because she wasn't supportive! How many husbands would do that? Aaron was the one that was doing counter pressure and massage until my doula arrived and helping with counter pressure and massage even after my doula was there. Aaron really was the most supportive "coach" I had. He new more about what was going on with me, my body and my baby more than anyone in that delivery room and in our bedroom. Aaron was the one that was talking me through my contractions and breathing with me. He was the one getting cold washcloths for my brow. He was the one that kept his cool when everything seemed to be falling apart. He was multitasking, I didn't know men could do that, but my hubby can, during labor and delivery at least.

When I got thrush (the worst pain I have EVER had), he was the one that was there telling me that it was all going to be worth it and not to give up, while nearly everyone else was telling me to quit. When I got the Baby blues, again, it was Aaron that helped me through!
I guess I cannot stress enough how much Aaron was involved in every aspect! But really, does it surprise you? I mean look at the kind of guy he is! And...look at the kind of daddy he is!
I love you Aaron!


Corinne said...

I can tell that Aaron is a FANTASTIC dad and support to you. You're a lucky woman :) What a neat family you four are!!

Valerie said...

I don't think I mentioned to you, but I did to Doyle... The picture of Aaron, Piper, and Teague in front of the Blue Plate diner is really really good. I love that picture.

Gus said...

He also held the garbage can as I puked in it!