Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I want to make it clear, in case there is any question

Today, Wal-mart had their Grand Opening here in Centerville. I made a commitment to myself a few years ago that I would never step foot into a Wal-mart. So far so good.
As I drove by the Wal-mart, it didn't seem busy really at all. As I was driving from Centerville to Bountiful to Wood Cross to pick-up the kidlets from school I noticed about 4 or 5 driving billboards advertising the fact that they were now open in Centerville. I don't think that I have ever seen a driving billboard in Davis County my entire life. I've driven by Wal-mart a few times today, only because it is on my way to just about everywhere I go, and it has not been busy, the parking lot has been nearly empty. I must say, this thrills me! Hopefully it will stay this way.
I don't know why Wal-mart bugs me so bad....actually I do, but that is for an entirely different post! It bothers me that the citizens of Centerville fought so hard and so long for Wal-mart not to come, but then one City Council member changed his/her mind. It blows me away. I have only met two people that wanted Wal-mart to come: One person lives in Bountiful, and the other person has since moved from Centerville.
But, I just want you all to know, that I am staying true to my word! I will not step foot into a Wal-mart, even if it is within walking distance from my home, even if it has the absolute best price, even if it means I have to drive miles to another store just to get something that they may have there, Even if it is the middle of the night and it is the only store open in Centerville, I would rather drive to Walgreens in Bountiful. I will not do it. Trust me on this one.
Thank you!


Valerie said...

And I agree and won't shop there either. They have questionable business practices such as keeping employees part time so they don't have to pay insurance, bullying suppliers, overseas sourcing, not promoting women, bait and switch (which means their pricing is not always lowest), cheap products, etc. Frontline had an excellent show about them that I wish I had recorded. I think worst of all - the traffic at the Centerville exit and Parrish Lane is going to be "Layton like" now. YUK!!!

Karlyn said...

Thank you, my thoughts exactly!

Corinne said...

Where exactly is it??

Karlyn said...

On 400 West and Parrish. Across the street south from Albertsons, and across the street East from Target.

sara said...

I agree that Wal-Mart's business practices suck, but I found an awesome modern nursery set there that was actually affordable. So, I did shop there ::hands head:: I will say that was probably the first and last time that will happen though!