Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Utah State Fair

Another Salazar Family Tradition! The Utah State Fair.
We've had a bit of a crazy month so far, I didn't think that we were going to make it this year, but luckily we figured it out, and I am so glad that we did, we had such a fun day. I do have to say that I always feel a bit gross at the State Fair, but I guess it is part of the experience....right? What State Fair is clean and smells lovely? If you know of one, let me know.
I think that we saw everything we could, it seems like we usually miss out on at least one or two buildings, but not this year. The only thing we don't do, and never do is the rides. They scare me, so I am a mean mom and I don't let my kidlets ride them, however, after I had explained to them why, they seemed to be fine with my decision. (I know, I know we just went to Lagoon....but it's different!)
The first building that we went in was the Fine Arts building. The kidlets loved it, there was an artist there working on a picture and the kidlets stood there and watched him for what seemed like hours, but it was only about 20 minutes, but they would have stayed all day and watched him. But, we did go back and see him on our way out. We did the Horticulture/Agriculture building which had the "Buttter exhibit" I think it is really gross that they use a ton of butter to make a sculpture of a cow, but o'well, it is a long standing (ten year) tradition for the fair.

We walked through all the buildings with the vendors trying to sell you crap, but I really wasn't interested in anything this year! There is usually something that catches my eye. We saw the cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, strange birds etc.

And......we had a typical State Fair lunch. YUMMY!

Piper really wanted to see the 1000 lb pig, but we told her she had to choose between that or a pony ride, she was set on seeing the pig until we walked over to the ponies, then she changed her mind. Piper rode on a pony named Nephi and Teague rode on a pony named Red. They had so much fun. I am very glad that she chose the pony ride over the 1000 lb pig. I don't think that Teague really cared much either way.

My favorite exhibit at the fair was the Photography, so we saved that until last. While the kids and I went there, Aaron went and bought a treat for himself....a butterfly knife from one of the vendors. Then it was home we went! Except for stopping back in the Fine Arts building to say bye to the artist.
Another good ending to an annual family tradition!


Corinne said...

I love the fair! I used to go to the Utah State Fair with my high school friends and we'd sing karoke at one of those places that would give you a tape of it. Good times.

Valerie said...

Corn dogs and potato chips - one of my favorite lunches in the world - YUM!