Thursday, January 8, 2009


I hate that my life is crazy in December! With Western Nut I feel like I don't have time to do anything. I thought that I would just give you a quick update on the things that went on in December.

The kidlets had their Theatre School performance or 'open share.' It was so fun to see how far they have come. Teague's class acted out a story about the winter cold and snow and what it does to your body. For example; snow getting in your pants and mucus running down your nose. It was very cute.

Piper's class did "The Share Bears" Piper was Honey face.

Piper's ballet did a small performance. parents just come to class and watch the little Christmas dance that they have been working on.

Teague had a few Hockey practices and a couple of games.

Piper's school class did a little performance, I didn't make it, but Aaron did. They sang Christmas songs as if they were animals.

She is also in the school choir and they had a couple of performances, they all played the ukulele and made it a Hawaiian Christmas, Piper even had a solo, which she nailed!!!

Christmas Eve was spent with Grammie Annie and Grandpa John - again, I was at work, so I didn't make it - We got "Guitar Hero World Tour" from them. Then we met up at Aunt Val's for some more fun. And....we don't have any pictures! We have video.

Christmas Morning was fantastic! The kids didn't wake up until shortly before 9!!! We are blessed with good sleepers. The kids got exactly what they wanted. Teague got a telescope and some Iron man action figures. Piper got a bright yellow ipod and some Littlest Pet Shop. And....I didn't take pictures!!! I KNOW, I can't believe it either. We did film the entire thing though. Aaron and I got each of the kids and outfit. I gave Aaron some pajama bottoms and he gave me "Mama Mia." Piper gave me a watch and some earrings and Teague gave me the "Wicked" soundtrack. Piper gave Aaron "Dracula," the book and Teague gave him some Jack Skellington stuff.

I can actually pull some stills off of the camera from the video, but I am not very computer literate and I can't figure it out!! Trust me, I've tried. And, the videos are far too long. If I do find some pictures or figure it out, I will post them. Same thing with ballet and hockey, but these ones are on my phone.

Christmas day at about 12:30 I was helping Teague get dressed and he looked at me and said, "It hurts really bad!" (to be continued in the next post......)

We met up at my parents house at 2 for ham and a bunch of other yummy food. Unfortunately not all of my brothers (and their families) were there. It was still nice. My mom is a fabulous cook and everything was delicious. And of course all of the grandkids got spoiled rotten. Seriously, what would we do without grandparents?

Christmas night - this is what it looked like outside of my house -

we went over to Aaron's mom's house for a little Guitar Hero.......I'm not sure what to say here except Thank you to John and Annie, or maybe I shouldn't say Thank You. It really is a bad addiction.

My wonderful husband said that he would work at Western Nut the day after Christmas, which was so nice of him since it opened at SEVEN A.M., and everything went SIXTY PERCENT off. Then, that night, the kiosk closed. This is the earliest it has ever closed.

So, now that Western Nut and the holidays are behind us, I need to find a job....and so does Aaron. Actually, Aaron had an interview yesterday that seemed to go really well, so, we'll see. And hopefully I can be a little more diligent with the blog.


Jenny in Utah said...

You all look like guitar hero champs! Good luck with the job - please let us know how it goes, and yes, blog a little more. I'm still amazed at all the things your kids do!

Valerie said...

Karlyn, I noted that you got the Wicked cd. Did Annie tell you that I am taking her to the play in May as her December Birthday present? I got two tickets. Good luck to Aaron!