Friday, January 9, 2009

Cristmas day at about 12:30.......continued......

Christmas day at about 12:30 I was helping Teague get dressed and he looked at me and said, "It hurts really bad!"
I ask, "What hurts really bad?"
"My ear."
After talking it over with Aaron, we decided that I better take him to the ER. We decided to do this this mostly because of this post. When we got there, it was not busy at all, so I checked him in with the lady at the desk, She made me mad!!! She ask me, "When is his birthday?"
I said, "May 22, 2003."
"So he's 5?"
"Yes, he's 5."
"He doesn't look 5."
"He's a little small for his age."
Then she looks at Teague and asks, "How old are you?"
Teague said, "5."
"When's your birthday?"
"May 22."
"What grade are you in?"
Then she turns to me and asks, "Are you sure he's 5?"
"Well, he doesn't look 5."
"I promise, he is 5."

Geez. And, why the crap does it matter anyway? I just brought him in to be checked! I would want the doctor to check him if he was 1 or if he was 21.

So, we go back into a room with a curtain, there is a family on the other side of the curtain. Now normally this wouldn't bother me, but it was obvious that a few of them had just come in from smoking outside. It was really stinky and very hard to breathe. And, this family was very loud, it consisted of a grandma, a grandpa, a mom, a dad, an uncle and a son that was probably about 3. I gathered this information due to our close proximity and the fact that they were so loud. How did they all fit behind that curtain?

As Teague and I waited patiently I was hoping to find a nurse or somebody to ask them if we could get a different room. But no one ever walked by and when I went out to look, I couldn't find anybody. At one point, they came and got the 'sick' gentleman (the grandpa) to get an x-ray, I tried to talk to the nurse then, but was unsuccessful. When he went to get his x-ray, the grandma, the mom and the dad went outside to have another cigarette while the uncle stayed with the son. They came back in, and poor little Teague ask me why they smell so bad. The gentleman came back and about 2 minutes later the doctor finally came in. He wished us Merry Christmas, then ask what the problem was. I explained to him how Teague doesn't complain about stuff so it worried me that he actually had etc...etc...etc...

It ends up that Teague did have an infection, a bad one. Luckily, this doc isn't a big antibiotics fan, so he gave me some suggestions and told me that if he didn't feel better in 3 days to fill a prescription.

We made it to my mom's house with plenty of time, in fact, we were the first ones there. Our trip to the ER on Christmas day will always be remembered...not only because it was on Christmas day, but because of the lady that didn't believe Teague was 5, because of the Smoking Family, because of the $100.00 co-pay and because we couldn't find anyone when we needed them. Then again.......can you ever find someone when you need them at the hospital while you are waiting?


Tiffany said...

How irritating! Why does it matter his age? What a joke! Also-how come no one abides by the sign that says only one guest per patient. How rude they were loud and stinky.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)