Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is boring.....

Today is the last day of January and I noticed that I haven't done any really significant posts. I guess I will just update you on some of the goings on at the Salazar home.

Aaron - Unfortunately is still unemployed, so again, if any of you know of anything, please contact us. He started up his last semester this month, now we are only about two and a half months away from graduation. I can't believe he is going to have and MBA. He's so smart and and has worked so hard for this. I am so incredibly proud of him and how hard he has worked to make this happen. My initial plan was to have a huge party with a keg and a bounce house, but unfortunately we won't have the funds. But, it might still happen, just not when he graduates.

Karlyn - Yeah, pretty much nothing. I did get my acceptance letter to the U, so I will be going back to school after a fourteen year break...I'm nervous, wish me luck. How do you study?

Piper - Well, she and I auditioned for "The Jungle Book" but neither one of us made it. And that is okay, it will be nice to have a break. They had a bunch of people try out, but only about 15 made it and no one under 9, Piper did very well at her audition. I do however have to tell you all to go see this show, it is going to be up at Kingsbury Hall the beginning of April. I support Youth Theatre at the U so much, it is such an incredible program and has done so much for our little family. Classes don't start up again until Feb. 11, so no theatre stuff until then. Classes started back up this month for ballet at Bountiful School of Ballet, she has been dancing there since June of 2004. And she has been begging to go back to guitar lessons, but she is good at guitar and is doing very well without lessons....talented little fart.

Teague - Teague auditioned for Miss Saigon at Pioneer Theatre Company and made it! He will be playing the part of Tam, the 3 year old son! He is a Vietnamese boy, so we will be dying his hair black. He thinks this is pretty funny, he might actually look like a Salazar now. He doesn't start rehearsal until April 6. We don't know which shows he will be doing since it is double cast, I will post that information as soon as we find out. He is also doing Youth Theatre at the U, starting February 11. And of course he has been playing Hockey the entire month, practices on Fridays, games on Saturdays. His game this morning was really fun, he wanted to play goalie the entire time. This is something that I have been afraid of since he started playing hockey....that he would want to be a goalie! Any of you that know hockey know that being the goalie is very expensive, they have to wear extra gear - that is expensive - They have to go to extra practices/workshops to learn how to be a goalie - that is expensive. So, we'll see....crap. Luckily he is only 5 and he has a few years to make up his mind.

So, there is January for you. Hopefully February will be a little more eventful.


Ireland Family said...

I think your January sounds far more exciting than ours!
I hope that Aaron finds a job soon and that all works out for you guys!
I went back to school after I had our 2nd was after a 9 year will get right back into it, really. I even managed to finish a year after Korbin was born, and it was so wroth it!

The Hunters said...

I went back after 10 years, and I did far better than I had in high school! I'm more suited to being treated like a grown-up, and studying what interests me. =)

My girls tried out for "Jungle Book" too! If I had gone with them (their dad took them) you might have recognized us!

Youth Theatre looks a little pricey for us, but hey, Ren graduates in a couple of months, too! When he finds a new job with his new degree, I bet we could sign up for the program!

Break a leg, y'all!

Palmer Family said...

Way to go TEAGUE!!! That is awesome!

Camille WAS in the vicinity when I was searched, however she was NOT IN my car when I was pulled over. I's a miracle!!! She WAS hanging out of my sunroof with a gianormous squirt gun when I was pulled over a DIFFERENT time. Seriously, we had WAY too much time on our hands.

Alison said...

Good luck with school. Once you get in to the routine with studying, you'll be fine. I did better the second time around, much better. I hope Aaron finds a job soon. I'll say a little prayer for him.

Amber said...

Wow! I am so Proud of you for going back to school. Someday I would like to do that. Not in the cards right now. Your family is so talented! You all amaze me! January for us was also very uneventful. I am hoping for spring to come soon! Call Russ about the job thing. He would love to help you out.