Monday, February 9, 2009

The Birthday Boy

I have been a total slacker on posting, but I do have 3 excuses;
1 - nothing interesting has been going on.
2 - I haven't been in the mood or I could say that I am lazy.
3 - My old - I mean ancient - laptop that I inherited from Aaron was out of commission. So glad I have a computer nerd for a husband!

Anywhooo, Aaron's birthday was last Tuesday, February 3. So I thought that I would do a little post about what we did, then I might say a few nice things about him.

We celebrated his birthday with his family on Super Bowl Sunday. Now, those of you that know us, know that this is NOT A BIG DEAL, we are not a Sports type family. Actually, I didn't even know who was playing until the Saturday before! I do have to say that had this been 12-2o years ago, I would have known. Aaron had no idea that anything was planned for him, he thought it was just a silly Super Bowl party. So we went over and Aaron was pretty surprised. John (Aaron's dad) bought some fantastic steaks and cooked them on the grill and we had baked potatoes. As we adults were watching the game, all the cousins were playing outside. We decided at intermission (did I seriously just say 'intermission?' I meant Half-time!! Geez.) to open the presents. All the kids came in and Aaron started opening;

Angela (Aaron's sister) and her son, Seth, gave him a new skate deck! Yes, he still skates and he's pretty good at it....for being old.

Gina (Aaron's other sister), her kids; Morgan, Josh and Zac, and her boyfriend, Luda gave him an awesome T-shirt.

Annie and John (Aaron's parents) gave him a MacBook. There is a story here. A few days before Aaron got laid off, he sold his MacBook so he could buy the new one, the MacBook Pro (I think, I really don't know this stuff). He bought his new computer on Friday and got laid off on Monday!!! He decided that it might be a good idea to sell the new computer (OUCH...I know), so he did. That money paid our Mortgage for January and some groceries and other bills. January came along and school was about to start. I told Aaron that he could just use my laptop, even though it sucks, it will work for what he needs it for. So, he did for a day. Then his mom generously offered to let him use hers. Hers is the exact computer that Aaron sold first, the MacBook. And she has only had it about 9-10 months and had rarely used it. So, that is what they gave him, with rules! He could not sell it, but he could use it to trade up. Aaron is thrilled about this.

The kidlets and I made him a poster. Because we think it is fun to make him feel like he is in Kindergarten for his 35 Birthday! Annie hung it up so he could see it when he walked in.

This is just a nerdy picture of everyone watching the commercials.

We were so stuffed with Steak and Potatoes that we waited to eat the cake until the 4th quarter. Aaron isn't much of a cake person, but I AM!!! So we got a cake from Dicks Market. It had flames on it and 35 candles. And some Rainbow Sherbet to along with it.

On his actual Birthday, we decided to let the kidlets stay home and have a family day. Piper and Teague made him breakfast. Piper is going to be a great cook, she already is. She makes the perfect over easy eggs. She also fried up some ham to go along with it. Teague's job was the toast. He learned how to butter toast from my dad, if you will, notice the quantity...a lot. And they thought it would be fun to give him a fortune cookie, so they opened it and had it there on the plate for him ready to read.

That afternoon, we played some games; Something Fishy, Space Faces and Pick Up Snakes. It really was a fun family day.

So, now for the nice things!

*Aaron and I will celebrate our 12 anniversary next month. I cannot believe it has been that long! And, to think, I love him more today than I did the day we got married.
* I am so proud of how hard he has worked to get his degrees. It's hard for me to believe that he will have is Masters in 2 months! He has had a full-time job and has been a full-time student for a long time. (well, except the past couple of months) I have watched him study his brains out, so he can get good grades. I am so proud that he has instilled the importance of education in our children.
* We are so blessed to have 'Daddy Aaron.' He is truly the most fantastic dad. I'm pretty sure that there isn't another man on the planet that loves his kidlets as much as Aaron loves Piper and Teague. I love watching him with the kidlets! His patience (that I lack), the trust they have in him, his endless tickling, his love of music and teaching it to them - one of my favorite things is to watch Piper and him play guitar/ukulele and sing together, I get a lump in my throat every time. His sense of Humor, that sometimes only they understand. His grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast and eggs....I really could go on and on.....
* He is such a wonderful, faithful member of the church and he honors his priesthood, we are so blessed to have this in our home and I am grateful for it. It's good I have him, because if I didn't I would not be as strong as I am. He teaches the 11 year olds in primary...they couldn't have a better teacher.
*He has supported me and all of my impatience, craziness, procrastination, laziness, uncleanliness and on and on for a long time now...That my friends takes a special man.


Tiffany said...

Great post. I love the fact you let your children stay home and have a 'family day' on Aaron's birthday. That is something they will remember for a looonnnngggg time. Hope the job search is going well.

engineergirl said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! After reading this post I am wondering why you haven't been translated yet! ;)

Jenny in Utah said...

Send him a happy b-day from us - what a great way to celebrate - I didn't know he was THAT old ;)

Okie said...

Happy b-day Aaron. Looks like a fun party. Congrats on surviving another year. ;) Have a great year to come. Sounds like there's a lot of cool accomplishments on the way.