Thursday, February 12, 2009

For the love of all that is holy!!!!

Easter is not until APRIL 12! And guess what is already on the shelves!!! None other than my all time favorite candy in the whole entire world....THE CADBURY CREAM EGG! You may remember this post from last year.

There are some problems with this;

* This means I will be eating them for almost THREE MONTHS! This is not a good thing...
* They are getting smaller and smaller every year. Here is proof. This is from last year.
* So, now I have to buy more to make up for the size! Also, not a good thing.

And I KNOW that they are smaller this year than last year. I remember when I was ten, they were the size of a normal egg.

(sorry about the crappy picture)

I remember (not that long ago...I was full grown), when I could hold one in the palm of my hand and not be able to wrap my fingers around it. Well, I can do that now! Look might be able to see the cream egg.

(again,sorry about the crappy picture)

I've been looking around on the Internet and there is a lot of controversy, however, no explanation from Cadbury. I've read that the individually wrapped ones are smaller than the four pack ones. I will have to investigate. I will tell you this though, I just ate one and I am not fulfilled, I feel like I need to eat at least 2 more to get the same effect that I use to. AND, I am paying the same price for the eggs that I have been for a few years now. You tell me, what do you think about all of this?


Tiffany said...

They are also my all time favorite. I LOVE THEM. I mean I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Chocolate gives me HORRIBLE heartburn this late in a pregnancy, so I haven't eaten one yet this year, but I plan on having a big stock pile, so that from the birth of my baby until Easter I will EAT, EAT, EAT them.
PS-I too have noticed they are smaller each year-major rip off!!!

Christa said...

ugh! They're all ready out?! I'm so glad I haven't spotted them because I'm trying to loose weight! Do you have the recipe to make your own?...they really are just as good too

Gus said...

Christa, I don't have the recipe, but I want it...However, I'm not that great at baking/making/cooking, just ask anyone.

Ireland Family said...

So, a care package for Karlyn would have to include Cadbury Cream Eggs?

How is the job search going for Aaron?