Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 Celebrity deaths.... far

I decided to do these in alphabetical order(by last name), so no one is offended by thinking I am doing them by preference!! I have noted what they are famous or most known for.
Also, SOOO many celebrities have passed away this year, I am just listing the ones that I know who they are by name and that I think other people might know. So...take a look, it's pretty amazing how many we have lost!!!

Bea Arthur(All in the Family, Maude, Golden Girls)

David Carridine(Kung Fu, Kill Bill)

Walter Cronkite(CBS News Anchorman)

Dom DeLuise(Cannonball Run)

Farrah Fawcett(Charlie's Angels)

Danny Gans(Las Vegas Act)

Paul Harvey(Radio Broadcaster for ABC)

Pat Hingle(Splendor in the grass & Commissioner Gordon)

John Hughes(Film Director, Producer & Writer)

Michael Jackson(Pop-star)

Karl Malden(A Streetcar named desire, On the Waterfront, How the West was Won...and his nose)

Ricardo Montalban(Fantasy Island)

Bob May(The Robot in Lost in Space)

Billy Mays(OxiClean T.V. Pitchman)

Patrick McGoohan(Prisoner)

Ed McMahon(Johnny Carson's announcer and Sidekick)

Les Paul(musician, electric guitar & multitrack recording)

Natasha Richardson(Patty Hearst, Nell, The Parent Trap...However, Evening is my favorite)

Eunice Shriver(Um...she's a Kennedy and Maria's mother)

Ron Silver(Radio host & political activist. He did some movies too.)

Mollie Sugden(British Comedy Are you being served)

John Updike(Pulitzer Prize winning novelist)

James Whitmore(Planet of the Apes, The Shawshank Redemption & tons of T.V. appearances)

1- Celebrities
2- Pictures
3- Whether we like them or not...we are interested
4- Good examples and influences