Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adult Acne

A friend and I were e-mailing back and forth. She said in one of her e-mails "...Your hair is darling by the way. you can pull off those short dos cause you have a good face for it. and no adult acne, like me."

Thanks for the compliment! However, when I read the last part of that, I literally Laughed Out Loud! I do have adult acne. I do. I do. I do. And, it is so frustrating, because I never really struggled with it as a teen or young adult, a little here and there, but not a big deal.

As a matter of fact, while we were at our cousins baptism (on Saturday, the day before said e-mail), waiting for him to come back from the font, Teague was laying in my lap looking up at and touching my face (he's a little cuddle bug), when he said...VERY EVERYONE and their sister could hear,

"Mom, you should get some of that medicine that makes it so you don't have zits, because you always have tons all over your face!"

To that, I said, "Thank you!"


1- Good friends

2- Teague's honesty

3- Make-up, to cover up the acne


Amy said...

I hear yeah on the whole adult acne thing. I had maybe 10 zits in high school. The last 10 years is another story. Your hair is really cute though and FYI I have never noticed any acne.

Corinne said...

Yeah, you must hide it really well because your skin looks great in every picture I see! I'll tell you, though, I'm right with you. I'm sporting a humdinger on my chin right now :)