Monday, August 17, 2009

Should I admit......

........that I was going potty when the idea came to me?

A few years back, I thought of this. I got out my pad and pen and drew out how I had imagined it in my head. I would buy frames here and there when I saw some that I liked. Finally in March of 2009 I got most of the pictures and hung them up. This is in my living room right above my couch. In the pictures, we are all about the same age, around 19 or 20, except of course my kidlets. As you can see, I am still missing some.

Top Row Left to Right: My Grandma Gus, My Grandpa Bullough, Aaron's Grandma Johnson (Wilma), Aaron's Grandpa Johnson (Paul)

Second Row Left to Right: My mom (Karen), me, Piper, Aaron's mom (Annie)

Third Row Left to Right: My dad (Larry), Teague, Aaron, Aaron's dad (John)
Bottom Row Left to Right: My Grandpa Hyde, My Grandma Hyde, blank, blank

The two empty frames are for Aaron's Grandma Bond and his Grandpa Salazar (his dad's parents). So, if any of you know my husbands grandparents and have me get them.


1- family

2- old pictures

3- new pictures

4- crazy ideas that actually work out.


Christa said...

My mom gave me an idea,for the potty. Do family pitures on the wall adjacent to the potty in your guest bathroom instead of having magazines. It gives people something to look at while they're in there without having to touch anything, and it's a good conversation starter...once they come out of course.

Lisa said...

i love your idea. it is so important to connect our kids with their past.

Corinne said...

Ha! I really do love walls full of family pictures :)