Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So, awhile back Aaron had read something that I had written in a note on Facebook. It was something about Vegetables that I dislike. I wrote something like "I can't think of any, maybe Asparagus, but I eat it." To that, Aaron said something like, "You don't like any vegetables!"

Ever since then, I think about this often. Let me say...YES I DO!

The problem is, is that I probably don't eat them in they way most people do. Say...ON A SANDWICH! Most people like to put all kinds of vegetables on their sandwich, not me, I like pickles on my sandwich and that is it. Lettuce is meant for a salad, so is Spinach. Olives are meant to be eaten alone. Tomatoes can be on a sandwich, but only on a Bacon Tomato sandwich! They can also be in a salad. I also eat Tomatoes plain, because I LOVE THEM. Cucumbers...again salad or alone. Carrots, I'm not sure how I even feel about them being in a salad, they too need to be eaten alone. I don't like to mix my vegetables much. Even my salads are pretty plain.

Then there is the whole cooked or raw issue. Here's the deal...some vegetables I like raw. Some vegetables I like cooked. And some, I even like both ways! I found a list of basic vegetables. I want to give you the run down on how I like them.

Artichoke - Cooked. Alone.
Asparagus - Cooked. Alone. Not my favorite.
Beets - Don't like
Broccoli - Raw and Cooked. Dipped in Ranch. Soaked in salt/garlic salt or cheese. Alone.
Brussels Sprouts - cooked and salted.
Cabbage - Raw in salad
Carrots - Raw and Cooked. Pickled. Alone.
Cauliflower - Raw. Alone.
Celery - Raw. Alone. My mom puts celery in everything...not a fan
Corn - Cooked. On the cob or off. Alone.
Cucumber - Raw. In vinegar and water or sour cream. Salad.
Eggplant - Cooked. Alone.
Garlic - Oh yummy...however you give it to me.
Green Beans - Cooked. however, not my fave. Alone.
Green Onions - Cooked in something or sprinkled on something.
Lettuce - Raw, lettuce was invented for the sole purpose of being a salad.
Ocra - Deep fried. Alone.
Olives - Raw. Alone. Don't like the green ones.
Onions - I prefer them cooked, but will eat them raw on a salad.
Peas - Cooked or Raw. Alone.
Peppers - I only like green peppers...Raw.
Potatoes - Cooked. Mashed, baked, fried....however.
Radishes - Raw with salt. Alone.
Spinach - Raw, only in my salad.
Squash - Cooked.
String Beans - Cooked, however, again, not my favorite. Alone.
Swiss Chard - Had it cooked all the time when I was a kid. I don't like it now.
Tomato - However you give it to me, I will eat it, as long as it's not on my sandwich.
Turnips - Raw. I use to eat them raw with my dad when I was little. Alone.
Zucchini - Raw or Cooked. Dipped or Fried. Alone.

1- Vegetables
2- Options
3- Salads w/Crutons and Ranch Dressing


Christa said...

beets...I don't like either...but I suffer during pregnancy and eat them anyway because they keep away preeclampsia but I add them to my salads...and other than everything turning purple I can hardly tell they're in there.
Cabbage, I only eat in slaw on a hot dog or burger, well actually I'll eat it stewed, but I have to be in the mood and not planning on going anywhere...if you know what I mean.
Never have tried asparagus, it just doesn't look like I would enjoy it, and who wants smelly pee? lol

Lia Hunter said...

I just discovered pickled turnips. So beautiful with a Shawarma dish. =)

Jen said...

I am totally laughing! I love you! You are awesome! And you have given me some new ideas. Thanks!