Friday, November 20, 2009


Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful, peaceful, serene moments I have ever experienced.

(Please, always know that)

1- Heaven
2- Knowledge
3- Eternity
4- Best Friend


RitterB's said...

3 years ago our friend and neighbor's son lost his battle to a brain tumor. Purple balloons were released to the heavens the day of his funeral... you are right about a peace we feel. A knowledge and belief of Heavenly Fathers Plan give a peace and understanding of live and death. I wish and pray my friend/his mama had this knowledge in her heart. Maybe one day... but for now... purple balloons and purple bows on her tree bring her a small handful of peace. I don't know who you mourn but I do pray that the Lord will comfort you and others that mourn with you. Love you my friend!

Jenny in Utah said...

Heartbreaking ... but yes, there is hope and comfort - I am so glad your friend has such great support!

Steph said...

Who is your friend?