Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new love

I'm always torn between Bubble gum and Chewing gum!

I love the flavor of Bubble gum, but it doesn't last. I love blowing bubbles (love it), but once I chew the Bubble gum for a while, I can't blow bubbles anymore, or at least it gets more difficult, so it's no fun.

I love the flavor of chewing gum, I usually prefer Spearmint, but...I can't blow bubbles with it. I love to pop my gum, which is a close second to blowing bubbles, but it's loud and sometimes annoying to the people around me!

Guess What!!!!

I've discovered Ice Breakers Ice Cubes!

The lovely minty flavor of a chewing gum that I can POP! AND...


Truly Amazing.

Thank you Ice Breakers!

1- Chewing Gum
2- Bubble Gum
3- Gum in general


**Amy** said...

Yeah for you! I love chewing gum (Peppermint though). I don't love bubble gum, but for some strange reason when I was pregnant with Jake, I had massive cravings to chew Bubblicious Bubble gum. I haven't touched the stuff since. Weird!