Friday, November 6, 2009

Stage Make-up

Being in the Theatre Department, I get a lot of opportunities

*I get to go to preview night for Pioneer Theatre Company's shows.
*I get student/theatre arts major discounts to University shows.
*I get to do labs, awesome labs, so far,
-I have worked in the Costume closet at PTC
(I even helped with some of the costumes for 'HIS HE DEAD?')
-and I get to help crew The Little Mermaid.
*I am in some of the most amazing classes. It is more fun for me than anything, it doesn't feel like school!
*A week or so ago, my dear friend Yancey and I were make-up models for the stage make-up class. Yancey was done up for Opera and I was done up for Musical Theatre.

I had someone from the class take this picture with my phone, aren't we adorable?

I sent it to Aaron as a text message. His response was

"Homer! You have it set on 'Whore!'"

1- Amanda - SERIOUSLY AMAZING make-up/hair/wig EXPERT
2- Yancey - an amazing friend
3- Being part of the Theatre Department
4- Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie


Steph said...

I am catching up on several of your posts. So Aaron got a job? Awesome! where?

I'm sure I missed a post where you explained this, but I have wondered what MM's stands for. Please fill me in.