Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Little Mermaid Dies!

And, I LOVED it.

I remember when my mom read the original
Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid
to me when I was little.

I also remember when I saw the
Disney version of The Little Mermaid
at the old Sandcastle Theater when I was in Jr. High. I remember being disappointed that they had 'ruined' the story. But then I was a Disney movie.

It was good though.

I was excited when I found out that Youth Theatre was going to do the original version of the story! I was even more excited that Piper had the opportunity to do it!

Aquaria (The Little Mermaid) Does not end up with the handsome prince, he went off and married someone else! Even after she totally saved his life and he sang a romantic ballad to her about her being his "Special Girl!"


Aquaria sacrifices her life for her father and sisters. However, when she dies, she does not turn into sea foam as the Sea Witch told her she would, but she is now a "Daughter of the Air." She is reunited with her mother, a BEAUTIFUL moment, and her mother explains to her in the simplest way that she is dead...only in body...not in spirit, that she lives on in the air and is always 'here.'

Let me tell you. I was crewing this show, I was on deck (back-stage) helping with quick changes, props and moving the set around. When Aquaria and her mother were reunited and the "Daughters of the Air" came on stage and danced to and sang the beautiful song, "Dare to Dream," I cried...EVERY TIME! Thinking about it now, I am getting choked up.

Really, an incredible show. I LOVED it.

Here are some cute pictures of Piper and some cast mates. These ones are when she is in her Jester Fish costume. She also had a fin, but it was a prop so it had to stay on the prop table unless she was on stage. SO CUTE.

This is Piper and her friend that was a Sea Horse

This is Piper and the Mermaids

This is Piper and the Mermaids Grandma

This is Piper, in her Daughters of the Air costume, and The Sea Witch

And this is just a cute picture of Piper in the dressing room

1- HCA's Little Mermaid
2- YTU's Production
3- Daughters of the Air