Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's talk about ME!

So...I'm always amazed when people that I have known for years and that have known me for years are so surprised by who I am and what I believe! I am amazed because I don't really have any secrets, I am an open book, and I am not shy about expressing my opinions and such. If you have known me for this long, then you should probably know this stuff about me, and if you don't know this stuff about me, then I ask,

Why don't you?

I have this idea...I will start doing some posts all about me, myself and I (and sometimes Aaron and the kidlets). This way - for those of you that don't know me that well - you can get to know me better. And...for those of you that should know me that'll have something to go back to if you forget. There is a lot about me, so there will be several "About me" posts mixed in with my regular ones.

Let's start with a couple of the basics:

You should probably read my disclaimer that is in my header before we begin...

Okay, back to "The Basics:"

*I am a sarcastic person. Sometimes people don't know when I am being serious and when I am being sarcastic. I'm sorry for this, but really I'm not, it's just the way I am. This is especially hard when YOU are reading something that I have typed or written, because you can't hear my tone.

*I am not easily offended. Some people may think otherwise (probably because of my sarcasm), but it's true, it takes a lot, but once you piss me off...WATCH OUT!

*I am not the same person that I was in High School and for this I am grateful. You might be the same person that you were in High School, and that's okay.

*I am incredibly sensitive. I am always crying at a movie or a play or a commercial or a book or a magazine story or an acceptance speech or a song or talk radio or a kind comment on my blog or a comment/article on facebook or when I am talking to my kidlets or Aaron about things. Really, I cry at pretty much anything.

That's good for now!

1. Me!!
2. Sarcasm
3. Getting to know me!